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You guys know the drill by now. We provide our intensely trained and heavily experienced in-house strain reviewer, The Chronisseur, with samples from around the county. He carefully examines and tests each one and passes on his expert opinion to NUG readers. Because of recent politically motivated and unfair events, we can no longer practice our legal right to go into a collective to obtain doctor recommended medicine for review, so this month we got the samples from a local delivery service, Alpine Alternative Deliveries.

UK Cheese: “This pretty little nugget is a really unique shade of green, bright and brilliant with red hairs and plenty of shining trichomes. The aroma is very sweet and inviting. I can’t wait to sample this one! Wow, this UK Cheese has a really great flavor. It’s incredibly smooth and tastes sweet, just like its aroma. It has a nice head high, but won’t give you ‘couch lock’ like some strains do. It’s actually quite uplifting and invigorating. This one is a perfect strain for daytime medicating. I give this sample of UK Cheese two green thumbs up!”

POT:“Another beautiful nug. Tons of trichomes and a light dusting of orange hairs covering the bright green color of the bud. It smells to me like it is from the OG Kush family. I know that I am going to enjoy this sample! Great flavor, just how I expected. It tastes like it’s in the Kush family. The hit offers extreme expansion and what I call a ‘dome-run’ straight to the head and instant effect throughout the body. I would recommend this strain to those suffering from any kind of moderate to severe pain, and for those patients who are in need of appetite stimulation. Clearly, a lot of care was put into this strain, and I would be willing to bet that the grower has extensive knowledge and experience in growing medical grade cannabis.”

Purple Kush:“This is a really attractive nug that has really nice purpling with an insane amount of trichomes. There is also a good ratio of orange hairs peering through the purple coloring. It is an absolutely beautiful sample. The aroma is excellent and very similar to GDP, on the floral side of the spectrum. Just a quick whiff of this one makes my mouth water. Like its aroma, this Purple Kush has a floral taste that really sticks around. The hit is smooth, but still packs a nice expansion. That welcome feeling of relaxation is almost instant, in both body and mind. This strain would work well for a wide variety of ailments, from stress relief to chronic pain and pretty much everything in between. This is a perfect example of a multi-purpose strain, and all I have to say to the grower is job well done!”

There is no denying the fact that San Diego’s medical cannabis community, especially the patients who depend on reasonably safe and convenient access to their medication, is suffering at the hands of a few unreasonable, and, in my opinion, unconstitutional political maneuverings. While I expected Hopper to rail against the recent forced closure, he was surprisingly positive about the situation. “Of course I am disappointed with and angry at the people who did this, but I have complete faith that we will see this trend of anti-medical cannabis actions reversed. They can only deny the will of the people for so long. They may have won this battle, but we will win the war.” When I asked him how this has personally affected him, he said, “I miss the patients. I miss seeing their health improve and seeing them overcome the odds and beat cancer and other diseases. I miss the volunteers who are just as passionate about this cause as I am. I’ve gone through just about every emotion there is in the past several months, but I refuse to let anger or fear control me.” He is absolutely right. Anger is a wasted emotion unless it is channeled into productive action. Fear is useless, but we can and will overcome it by countering it with positive change. I believe that the lesson from this whole mess is that we may not be able to change the world overnight, but we sure as hell will not let the world change us.

Article by: Pamela Jayne | Nug Shots by: Phil Calvin for SCR Photo

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