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By: Pamela Jayne
Photos: Phil Calvin for SCR Photos

Back by popular demand, The Chronisseur is making up for lost time by reviewing seven of San Diego’s finest medical grade cannabis strains this month. As always, he was ready and more than willing to share his opinions with the NUG family. Spoiler Alert: All seven received the Hopper seal of approval. Enjoy…

Blackberry Bubba Kush: (by Little Birdy)
“This Blackberry Bubba Kush is picture perfect, especially in the natural sunlight. It has just the right amount of purpling along with a few red hairs peeking through. It is so covered in trichomes it almost looks like it was dropped in a bowl of sugar. The structure is also incredible, very tight and dense. As far as the aroma, it actually smells exactly like what it is – a Blackberry/Bubba Kush cross. Two great tastes that taste great together! It was definitely a pleasure to sample this one. The hit provided a good expansion with only a slight cough. While it is potent, it is not too strong. I would recommend this strain for a wide variety of ailments, as its effects are both body and mind. Kudos to the grower!”

GDP: (by Little Birdy)
“Wow, this is an incredibly dense little nugget. It’s hard as a rock! It’s beautiful, too. Very rich, deep purple coloring accented by a few orange hairs. The aroma is very true to the strain. Very floral and only slightly sweet. This GDP gave a big hit to the lungs. The inhale tasted amazing, and the exhale was even better. The ‘high’ settled in quickly and lasted for quite awhile. This is a great nighttime strain that would work well for pain relief, insomnia, and muscle tension. This sample absolutely lives up to the GDP name. The grower really knocked it out of the park.”

DeadHead OG: (by Little Birdy)
“This piece is nicely trichomed and red hairs cover the lighter shade of green. It is also super dense and was perfectly manicured. The aroma is not like an overwhelming OG, but more lemon-like with a hint of OG. It was a nice, full-flavored hit. I could taste the citrus right away, but it also had an earthy flavor. Perfect balance of flavors. I got a significant amount of expansion, but it was still really smooth, another perfect balance. Clearly, this crop was flushed well and we all know how crucial that is to the entire process. The grower did a fantastic job. I felt immediate relaxation in my shoulders and neck. This strain would also work well for anxiety and stress relief, and we could all use that these days!”

Ghost OG: (by Patient X)
“Although it is on the fluffier side, this is a beauty of a bud and it has solid structure with bright shining trichomes. The avocado green coloring and patches of purpling towards the bottom definitely make this one a looker. I know this one is going to be good; it looks like a true Ghost OG. I’d describe the aroma as a skunky pepper with just a hint of ChemDawg. Nice and spicy, a welcome contrast to all of the sweet strains. I took a really deep hit and it was very smooth. That spicy, peppery flavor lingered on my tongue for a good while. It was an enjoyable hit, not at all hard on the lungs. I think this Ghost OG would be a good fit for a new patient. It has a very mellow and uplifting effect on the mind and is a versatile pain reliever for the body. Overall, the grower did an excellent job.”

Ghost OG: (by Little Birdy)
“This lime green little nug is draped in trichomes. It is super shiny with a perfect balance of orange hairs. It is super dense as well. Its aroma is a bit different than the Ghost OG I am used to, this is much sweeter and fruity smelling. It almost tastes like melon, which explains the fruity aroma. Very different than the other Ghost OG sample, but I am a fan of variety! It was interesting to compare the two back to back. The hit was smooth and easy, very pleasant, and the effect was uplifting and active, which makes it a good choice for daytime medicating.”

Purple Kush: (by Little Birdy)
“Although I don’t see any purple on this sample, it does have perfect structure and is very dense with tons of trichomes. It also has a nice ratio of green leaves to orange hairs. The smell is very floral, like a sweet perfume. Okay, I didn’t really expect this…it has a nutty, woodsy, earthy flavor. Not at all what most purples or kushes taste like. That was a nice little surprise! The effects crept up slowly, but were long lasting. That is exactly what many patients need for overnight pain management. This strain would really help them get a good night’s sleep.”

SD OG: (by Little Birdy)
“This piece has a pretty light green color with tons of red hairs that poke through the trichome colored leaves. By the looks of it, I’d say that it was grown by experienced hands. Gave it a little sniff and all I can say is that’s my kind of aromatherapy! I love that sour smell. It is even sort of greasy smelling, but in a good way. I am really stoked to try this one. Wow. Mouthwatering flavor. It is every bit as good as it smells. It gave me major expansion and a hearty cough followed immediately by what I call a ‘dome run’. The effects went straight to my head and then throughout my entire body to my fingertips. This gets two green thumbs up. Congrats to the grower on a job very well done.”

Of course, Hopper is still bummed about the forced closure of The Green Door and all of the other collectives that served San Diegans who choose to use cannabis as medicine. He is, however, very confident that the road to restoration of reasonable access is just beginning, saying that, “We just have to roll with the punches and wait out the inevitability that patients’ rights will be restored. This is definitely a dark time for the movement, but it’s like they say, ‘It’s always darkest before the dawn.’ I believe that we have seen the darkest days and the hard work of local activists will soon pay off.” In the mean time, you can catch Hopper every Wednesday night 8pm-2am at Club Kadan in North Park* for “The ‘70s Show”, where he is bringing the best classic and psychedelic rock for your listening enjoyment. After a very long conversation about the assault on patients and caregivers and the negative impact it has had on our community, Hopper insisted that we end on a fun note, so we’ll wrap this up in his words: “From my lungs to yours, Happy 4/20 everyone!”

*Club Kadan is located at 4696 30th Street in North Park. (Corner of 30th and Adams) 21+, no cover.

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