The Chronisseur 3 of 420

This edition of The Chronisseur is a grinding, rolling, smoking session with Hopper, who decided to go back to basics and break out the wired Randy’s to review this month’s trio: Starlight OG, Purple Diesel, and Golden Goat. Of course, I couldn’t help but give him a new title. He is now NUG Magazine’s official Joint Chief of Stash, and this is what he had to say about this month’s strains.

PURPLE DIESEL (Cali Care Collective)

“Dense little nuggets. Not as much visible purpling as the name suggests, but still a good – looking bud. It’s fragrant, floral smell reminds me of the GDP. I’m gonna guess that the diesel cross is NYCD, because I just don’t catch that Sour D note in this one. Smooth hitting, and perfumy on the exhale.” Hopper is quick to let me know that, “That sticky line running down what’s left of the joint is an indicator of a well-grown, highly resinous plant.”

STARLIGHT OG (Downtown Kush Lounge)

“First impression: A+. Clearly an experienced grower…or maybe a really talented first-timer? Doesn’t matter really, this is a beautiful bud and it has that tale-tell OG aroma. Expansion in the chest is nice. Almost pure OG flavor. Euphoric high, may lead to couch lock for some. That’s why I’d recommend Starlight OG to someone in need of nighttime pain relief or as a natural sleep aid.”

GOLDEN GOAT (Bird Rock Collective)

“Tight, stocky bud. Grown well. Seems to be a Sativa dominant hybrid. Has a goldish color to it…hence the name, I suppose. Obvious lemon, pine, earthy aroma. I smell a little haze in there, too. Smooth hit and still packs a punch, especially for a Sativa. Nice combo. The hint of grapefruit was a nice surprise. I would recommend this as a daytime med for patients who are seeking to manage pain, and still remain productive.”

While finishing up our ‘Joint Chiefs of Stash’ meeting, we actually got into a heavy conversation about the patients Hopper sees on a day to day basis at The Green Door Collective. “I’ve always believed in the healing power of cannabis”, he says. “Mind, body, spirit. Marijuana has been a God send for so many suffering from mental, physical, and emotional pain. I have learned so much from the patients who are members of the Green Door. It’s humbling.” After a few seconds of thoughtful silence, he looked up, cracked a crude joke, and said, “Hey…I have learned to keep it as light as possible. No one wants to be constantly reminded that they are sick.” Then he told me about one of his bud tenders, Dave, who puts it like this, “Whenever someone asks what my sign is, I say I’m a Scorpio with Cancer.”

…And so ends another chapter of The Chronisseur. We’ll be back next month to review three more strains provided by the San Diego medical marijuana community. ‘Till then, keep it kind, and keep in mind…with rights come responsibilities.

Story by Pamela Jayne
Photos by M.K. Jack

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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