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While most San Diegans were boiling in the heat, Hopper and I hunkered down in the A/C and blazed on some Electric Purple, Mendo Bubba, and Sweet Williams, which led to a long discussion about the importance of voting this November. Just another day in the life of The Chronisseur…

“Impressive coloring. Dense buds like little purple rocks, which leads me to believe it’s a Grand Daddy Purp cross. Has that distinctive purple aroma, you know…it’s all perfumy and floral. Hits hard, very expansive. Heavy high. Anyone who is dealing with chronic pain would benefit from this strain. Compliments to whoever brought this to the table.”

“Not all that dense considering it’s a Bubba. Really leafy…lazily trimmed. Too bad it was manicured poorly, because it does have nice looking trichromes. I like the Bubba Kush aroma and flavor, but it doesn’t pack much of a punch. Honestly, I hate to sound negative, but I am disappointed in this one. Virtually no expansion in the hit. But then again, maybe this could be good for beginner patients who are inexperienced smokers.”SWEET WILLIAMS (30TH ST. PATIENT COLLECTIVE)
“I assume from the name that this is Sweet Tooth x William’s Wonder. Two great strains that taste great together! This was well grown and carefully manicured. Refreshing aroma, really sweet and unique. Flavor is sweet and a little bit peppery on the exhale. I noticed a hashy flavor in there too. Nice expansion, I got a bit of a lung punch out of this one.”

There has to be a first time for everything, right? It was obvious that Hopper didn’t enjoy giving a less than stellar review to the Mendo Bubba, but we did ask him for his honest opinion and that is exactly what we got. That being said, let’s talk about something that is of the utmost importance to us all. November is a crucial month in our long journey of legalizing marijuana in California. Not only is this important for our state, it is critical for the entire country, because “As California goes, so goes the Nation.” We all must get out to the polls and vote yes on Prop 19. If you are not registered, stop by The Green Door to pick up a form. The GDC is not currently accepting new patients, but voter registration forms and information on Prop 19 are available in the lobby and the staff will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Story by: Pamela Jayne
Nug Shots by: M.K. Jack
Photo by: Phil Calvin with SCR Photo

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