The Chronisseur 7 of 420

We’ve had a lot of fun doing “The Chronisseur” these past six months, but this one is the most important yet. Just think, the three strains Hopper reviewed could be legalized and available to all adults in California in less than two months. The end of prohibition is within reach, and knowing that made this month’s trio of Afgoo, G.J. OG, and Sugar Daddy all the more sweet to sample.

Afgoo: (Southern Lites)
“The tried and true Afgoo, a legendary medical strain; it’s quickly become a classic. This batch was grown really well. Hard as a rock, tight little nuggets. I can tell this was the top of a huge bud. I bet whoever grew it was stoked! Nice and sticky, too. Not to be Captain Obvious here, but it smells exactly like Afgoo! Earthy, sweet, and nutty. True Afgoo flavor; if you’ve never had the pleasure of medicating with this strain, I highly recommend that you do. Indica dominant. Being familiar with this strain, I recommend it as a sleep aid or for relaxation.”

G.J. OG: (Green Joy)
“The nugs are a little on the small side, but hey… size doesn’t always matter. Its appearance is one of the nicer looking OG’s I’ve seen in awhile, and that is a huge compliment considering the quality of meds I’ve seen lately. As far as aroma goes, it definitely has that tale-tell true OG smell. Before I even do this hit, I know I’m gonna be impressed. This is a good and sticky, perfectly cured bud. Taste is excellent, just as I expected. I love that OG exhale! Delivers a nice head and body high; I can really feel my shoulders relax. Again, I am very impressed by this one, and recommend it for a patient who needs to remain still during a healing process, or who has limited mobility.”

Sugar Daddy: (Organic Aid)
“Just like the name suggests, the Sugar Daddy literally looks like it has been rolled in sugar. I actually see more white and glistening trichromes than green leaf! Manicured well, a little on the leafy side, but I understand why it was done that way. Those trichromes are so beautiful, no need to over-trim. I would have done the same thing. Its aroma is sweet and refreshing, but not overpowering. Flavor is sweet, but not fruity, taste more like honey. Smooth hit, got a little cough, not a choker though. I can tell it was flushed well, which is an important part of the grow process that is often overlooked. I really enjoyed sampling this one.”

We’re almost there folks. November 2nd is getting close, but you know what is even closer? October 18th. That is the deadline to register to vote in the November election. Prop. 19 isn’t going to pass itself, so every single one of us must vote to make this a reality. No excuses. Once you are registered, be sure that you go to your assigned polling location. This is because if you vote at the wrong location, you may be given what is called a provisional ballot, which is a fancy way of saying that your vote may not be counted. If this does happen, be sure to keep all of the paperwork given, so that you can follow up and demand that your vote went through. You can also go directly to the San Diego County Registrar’s office, located at 5201 Ruffin Road San Diego, CA 92123. I find it surreal that we are on the cusp of such a historical vote that will no doubt influence the rest of the country to follow suit and legalize cannabis. Hopper and I had a long talk about the implications of the outcome of Prop. 19. This is what he had to say, “Put down the bong, get out and vote yes on Prop. 19 on November 2nd, they’ll even give you a free sticker!” That free sticker is one thing, but finally having the freedom to responsibly use cannabis, that’s priceless.

Story by: Pamela Jayne
Nug Shots: M.K. Jack
Photo by: Derek Plank

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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