The Chronisseur Part 4 of 420

Here we go again. Three strains, three days, one Chronisseur. Hopper went back to the bong to review this month’s offerings of Mr. Nice, Mars, and Cheese OG.

Cheese OG (Good Karma Collective):
“I admit that I don’t have a vast knowledge of the cheeses, they seem to be the latest bud trend. I am not sure if this is a UK Cheese cross, or if it’s another Cheese crossed with the OG. Whatever it is, it’s good. It was clearly tended to with care. Buds are tightly grown. It smells very OG, but I don’t really get the ‘stink’ of the Cheese though. I’m digging the intense dome-run. Hats off to the grower, this one definitely did not disappoint.”

Mars (Good Karma Collective):
“One of the planetary kush strains. It looks and smells absolutely phenomenal. A tight bud, draped in trichromes. It looks like this was a fun one to grow, for sure. Very pungent OG aroma. The expansive hit has a clean, well-flushed flavor. I give this one an A+. I’d like some cuttings for myself! Overall, I guess you could say the Mars is outta this world.”

Mr. Nice (Good Karma Collective):
“Dense bud. It shows a lot of purpling, as well as shiny, glistening trichromes when you look at it in the direct sunlight. The aroma is sweet and hashy with a hint of floral fragrance. This strain has been around for quite awhile, it’s always been one of my faves. Nice heavy hit. The hashplant really comes through in this one. Overall, I’d say it is just like the name says…nicely done. It was grown and cured well and packs a nice, almost instant head high that I’d be willing to bet keeps creeping.”

“I gotta tell you,” Hopper said while we were finishing up our third session, “NUG Mag is nine for nine on the flavors that have been submitted so far. San Diego’s medical marijuana community keeps outdoing itself when it comes to quality indoor grown meds. These three have set the bar pretty high, but I’m still really looking forward to what next month has to offer.” I thought we were done, but there was one more thing he had to add. “It’s like Jim Morrison said, he yelled as I was walking down the stairs, “The west is the best.”

Story by Pamela Jayne
Photo by Derek Plank
Nug Shots by M.K. Jack

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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