The Chronisseur Part 8 of 420

Halloween came early for Hopper this year when NUG Magazine dropped off this month’s strains to be reviewed. Inside the goody bag was Platinum Bubba, L.A. Woman, and OG D-Cup. It was the perfect cornucopia of cannabis for our very own Chronisseur!

Platinum Bubba: (Fire Station)
“When it comes to appearance, the only way to describe this strain is incredible. Nice, dense nugs that have been well manicured and grown with care. Frosty and beautifully colored, it has a very nice Bubba-like aroma. I can’t wait to taste this one! Judging on appearance alone, I’d say that this is one of the nicer pieces that NUG has brought me to review. It has a great flavor that lingers on the palate for awhile after the hit. Although I did think it would pack more of a punch, it was smooth and enjoyable. A refreshing high that hits the head and body without being too strong; just right. I would recommend this to a patient who needs an indica dominant strain. On the second hit, I got a little more expansion and a more intense cerebral high. Relaxation of the muscles also set in after a few minutes. I would like to give my thanks to the grower of the Platinum Bubba. I really enjoyed it.”

L.A. Woman: (Fire Station)
“L.A. x Martian Mean Green = One amazing bud! Although she’s a looker, this one lacks a unique aroma. It could be due to the curing process. It’s kind of dry, but once you crack it open you’ll find that pleasant smell. L.A. Woman has a very sweet, pleasant taste and a flavorful, hashy aftertaste. Nice! I think I also detect some earthy, slightly musky undertones. The high, although not a dome-run, is proving to be quite a creeper! This would be a great strain for overnight pain relief and/or relaxation. It would also be an effective sleep aid.”

OG D-Cup: (Mother Earth)
“I’m not exactly sure where the name is derived from, but it sure does smell like a sweet OG. Simply beautiful! The buds are nice in appearance, but are a little on the smaller side. It’s definitely sticky, which is always a good sign. It has been grown and cured well; kudos to the grower. Allowing time for a slow cure is very important and in this case it absolutely paid off! It has a solid OG flavor with a slight sour undertone. I like this one because the flavor is full-bodied and sticks on the tongue for awhile. This is a stay-at-home strain that provides almost instant relaxation with a head and body high. It would be ideal for muscle pain, stress relief, or anxiety. Overall, the patient who takes this strain home will be extremely happy with it as long as it suits their specific needs. That is why I urge all patients to speak with their budtenders to decide what strain is best for them.”

While we were working on this edition of “The Chronisseur”, Hopper and I got on the subject of how the holiday season is just around the corner. By the time this issue hits newsstands, Halloween will have come and gone, and we will be preparing for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. For those of you who don’t know, since The Green Door Collective opened, it has worked closely with the San Diego Food Bank. This year Hopper has decided to start the GDC’s Holiday Food Drive a little bit earlier, simply because the need is much greater than in past years. Donation bins will be set up at The Green Door to collect non-perishable food items throughout the holiday season and possibly beyond. If you are not a patient of The Green Door, please feel free to stop by and donate anyway! Or better yet, encourage the staff of your collective to start their own donation drive. Even the smallest of contributions can add up to something big if everyone participates. Like Hopper said, “Almost everyone, no matter how bad their circumstances, has something to give. Just a couple of dollars, a few cans of food, or a few hours of your time really does make a difference to someone who has nothing.”

Story by: Pamela Jayne    |    Nug Shots by: M.K. Jack    |    Photo by: Derek Plank

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