The Chronisseur Part 9 of 420

For this issue, we decided to spread some holiday cheer and give our Chronisseur an early Christmas treat by adding an extra sample to his bag of goodies. Among this month’s submissions were: Godzukie, New York Sour Diesel, Fire Purps, and Pineapple. Of course, we weren’t at all surprised when he didn’t complain about the extra workload! He also took a break to be a judge at the 2nd Annual San Diego Medical Cup alongside B-Real of Cypress Hill, Pakelika the Visual Assassin, Yukmouth, and others. Hopper said, between the seven strains he judged at the SD Cup and the four strains he reviewed for Nug Magazine, “I am so excited to see that the San Diego medical cannabis community continues to grow and maintain quality and consistency for the patients who rely on us.”

Godzukie: (Sunset Coast Cooperative)
“Excellent in appearance. Nice dense nug, clearly grown with love and care. Also appears to have been excellently cured. Rich green coloring. It’s hefty like Bullrider and glistening with trichromes and beautiful red hairs. As soon as I smelled this one, I understood why I’ve heard it’s Bullrider crossed with G-13. Very similar in aroma to the original Bullrider. Lemony, pine-sol goodness! I can’t wait to sample the Godzukie. I can already tell I’m going to dig it! Packs a very expansive hit, again with a lemon/pine flavor. The aroma of the exhales lingers in the room and smells way better than any air freshener in a can! Hits head and body at the same time with a nice, consistent high. I would recommend this strain to a patient in need of pain relief, whether it be for chronic pain or temporary relief due to injury, etc. I give a definite green thumb up to the grower of this one. The rest of this sample probably won’t last too long around here, that’s how much I like it!”

New York Sour Diesel: (Sunset Coast Cooperative)
“Oh, how I love the Sour D! I’ll go as far as to say that this one was grown with near perfection. Absolutely beautiful! Some of the densest I’ve seen. Dark green coloring with a few lighter tones, and perfect little red hairs. Aroma is simply stellar. Has that nice distinctive sour smell. Smooth, but very flavorful hit. I can tell it was well flushed. Not harsh at all, just a clean Sour Diesel flavor. Not to be redundant, but I have to give this grower a green thumb up as well. This is one of the best samples I’ve been given so far. I got a more cerebral, thought-provoking high out of the New York Sour Diesel, which is a characteristic that I really enjoy. It’s not a “couchlock” strain that will keep you in bed, rather a daytime medicine that would be great for pain or stress management. Overall A+.”

Fire Purps: (30th Street Collective)
“This one is new to me, I’ve never heard of the Fire Purps. Tight little nugs, but not much purpling. Maybe due to lack of temperature fluctuation, which is what brings out the purple coloring. Appears to have been commercially grown and has a floral aroma. I guess I’d say it is similar to Purple Urkle. Now onto the ultimate test: the hit. I did get a nice cough out of it. Not much of a distinct flavor, although it was pleasant, it was also slightly harsh. Has a mild to moderate high that hits the body more so than the mind. The Fire Purps may be good for a new patient to start with before moving on to a stronger purple strain, such as GDP.”

Pineapple: (30th Street Collective)
“As soon as I cracked open this jar, I swear it smelled like I had just cracked open a fresh pineapple! Very sweet-smelling. Nice tight buds, lighter shade of green. Once I cracked a nug open, there were tons of shiny trichromes. Can’t wait to see if this one tastes as good as it smells! It does taste very sweet and coats the tongue. Definitely lives up to its name, so I guess it’s a good thing that I like pineapples! For what it lacks in appearance, it makes up for in flavor. I guess you could say that the Pineapple has inner beauty, which is absolutely a good quality to have! It gave me a head change for sure. A positive, happy high. Would be great to medicate with after a long stressful day at the office.”

As another session with The Chronisseur ended, I asked Hopper what the highlight of the past year has been for him. “Seeing patients progress and recover from the diseases, injuries, and other conditions that bring them to The Green Door is an amazing thing. But what really sticks out in my mind is how much the patients care for others. Last year, we were overwhelmed by the amount of donations we collected for the San Diego Food Bank and Toys for Tots. Judging by the amount we have already collected this season, I think we are going to top last year. Those are the things that really make me smile.”

Story by: Pamela Jayne  |  Nug Shots by: M.K. Jack  |  Photos by: Phil Calvin for SCR Photos

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