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On February 17th, The Expendables graced Solana Beach with an amazing performance. Fans or anyone interested in them will enjoy a mellowness meets punk/rock show!

The Thursday night show started with The Holdup and The B Foundation. These bands complemented The Expendables quite well, playing similar rock/reggae music. It was also cool to see that the bands shared a common ground of mellow vibes, but that’s not to say they didn’t cause and encourage mosh-pits.

The B Foundation is a rock/ska/reggae band from Los Angeles. They played the second set of the night and did a good job pumping up the crowd for The Expendables. They got the crowd to sing, “When you’re licking my ass,” from their song “Too Damn Tough”. Yeah, sounds dirty, but it is actually a great song that emphasizes relationships. After that, they played “Dirty Girls”, dedicating it to the girls that sang the previous line. Ha-ha, good stuff!

The Holdup is a band from San Jose. They’re pretty progressive/rock/reggae with songs that relate to trendy stuff. Their song “Drunk Texting” is a good example. Other songs seem to relate to college-friendly stuff like drinking, finding one’s self, and experiencing things. They were a great opener for the show with a sound similar to the other bands.

I heard songs off The Expendables’ self-titled album a while back and I have to admit, I didn’t prefer their music. I could hear why it was popular and why it rocked the reggae/punk/rock genre, but it wasn’t my preference. Then, I go to this show and see them for the first time, and I’m hooked. I feel their music now; I get it!

This feeling happens all the time to diehard music fans that are ready to experience the recorded album, live performance, and paraphernalia as soon as it is made available. Although I’m a music enthusiast open to all kinds of genres, I don’t incorporate the fast-moving, rock & roll scene into my life as readily as others. However, I completely understand why particular kinds of music, songs, and people are “popular”, whether for the mainstream or underground scene.

The Belly Up Tavern was at capacity for The Expendables. When the band first came out, they rocked the crowd with “Ganja Smuggling”. This made me smile because the crowd reaction started off great and stayed that way. Songs like “Positive Mind” and “Down, Down, Down” brought out the good, mellow vibes while other songs like “D.C.B.” brought the metal this band claims! “Bowl for Two” was a good way to end the show, prior to the encore performance.

The Solana Beach crowd was great, showing their love, support, and dedication to the band. I saw so many “Expendables” t-shirts, and the fans had nothing but great things to say. A few were surprised I wasn’t a diehard fan. I explained I was a newbie to their shows, but that I enjoyed their sound and the performance was fantastic! Honestly, the most riveting moments of the show were both the feedback from the audience and the way The Expendables addressed them. Even through more mellow songs, the fans were hooked. Of course, the connection between the performers and the audience goes hand-in-hand; however, I admire watching it.

If you are down with a punk/rock show, definitely check out The Expendables because they are good at going punk, but are also mellow enough not to start a riot. I give props to the people who set this tour up because the Solana Beach show was insane!

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