The Food Truck Chronicles: Food Junkies, the Catering Specialist with Wheels

By: Esther Rubio-Sheffrey

Most food trucks will happily cater a private event, but few can match the options available with Food Junkies. Along with his staff, owner and Chef Brett Doogan spent the last nine years perfecting the Food Junkies menus while catering for production crews.

Luckily, 16 months ago, they decided to paint one of their trucks to resemble a classic Woodie car and hit the road with samples of their food creations for San Diegans to enjoy. “We have been very successful with catering to the needs of TV shows, commercials and photo shoots here in town,” Doogan said. Although he adds that production catering is still their focus, he has enjoyed the food truck aspect, as it has created a new loyal fan base for Food Junkies.

The food truck menu is but a fraction of the dozens of choices available from Food Junkies Catering. Not only can they customize menus for your special event and cook it on site, but they can also create anything from breakfast stations to a holiday buffet. Such an array of fresh options allows Doogan to change the truck menu often.

The Food
“We don’t really have to stay within a food ‘genre,’ so we have a lot of flexibility to serve different items,” Doogan said. “Our staff inspires our menu selections and we are always willing to give their different ideas a try, like the Sloppy Jose Tater Tots and the Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner menu options.”

The Sloppy Jose features ground beef simmered in spicy tomato sauce, served over seasoned tater tots, and topped with a shredded cheese blend, sour cream, and jalapeños. The Chicken Dinner is an entire meal served on a warm buttermilk biscuit. It includes a layer of garlic smashed potatoes and a grilled chicken breast topped with peas and corn smothered in brown gravy.

On the day we found the Food Junkies truck, Doogan and his staff member were serving up five main options and two side choices. Nothing on the menu was over $5, so it was quite easy to splurge. We ordered the Triple Cheese Samich, the BBQ Brisket in a Biscuit, the FJ Special Quesadilla, and a side of sweet potato fries.

There must be something about food trucks and bars because once again we were able to enjoy a beer indoors while our food was being freshly prepared in the parking lot. The guys were even nice enough to bring it to our table.

The Triple Cheese Samich featured American, Monterey Jack, and Sharp Cheddar with caramelized onions and Roma tomatoes on buttered and grilled sourdough slices. The cheeses melted together quite well without one overpowering the other, and the onions added just the right amount of sweetness. It was totally worth the $4.
Similar to the Chicken Dinner option, the BBQ Brisket featured a layer of smashed red potatoes on a buttermilk biscuit that was topped with a generous portion of brisket. It was much larger than I anticipated and we appreciated that it wasn’t drenched in BBQ sauce. The beef was very tender and we didn’t mind that it fell apart, because it did so in that gooey and delicious sort of way.

The FJ Special Quesadilla consisted of a large, crispy, specialty tortilla stuffed with grilled chicken breast, bacon, and a blend of perfectly melted Sharp Cheddar and Jack Cheese. Food lovers would agree that bacon is the key to improving any dish. In this case, it was the reason why the quesadilla was devoured first.

Like everything else, the sweet potato fries came on a cardboard tray lined with blue, checkered tissue paper. It was a generous serving, ideal for sharing. They were lightly salted, crispy, and not overly greasy.

Satisfied and full from our entire meal, it was hard to believe that it only cost us $14. I have to agree with Doogan, anyone who has yet to try Food Junkies, should. Not only are they nice people, but their hard work and love for food shines through in their menus’ smallest details.

You can find Food Junkies on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @FoodJunkieTruck

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