The Food Truck Chronicles – Thanks to Devilicious, Sin Never Tasted So Good!

The Food Truck Chronicles – Thanks to Devilicious, Sin Never Tasted So Good!

By: Esther Rubio-Sheffrey

Dyann Huffman and Kristina Repp met at a bar approximately two-and-a-half years ago to celebrate a mutual friend’s birthday. The two hit it off and discovered they shared a common love for food and beer.

Both women had spent the majority of their careers in the food industry as chefs. We were both tired of making money for other people, Huffman said, adding that both women had reached a point where they simply did not want to go to work. They were full of ideas, but lacked capital for a brick and mortar location; so the two decided to jump on the food truck bandwagon and officially hit the streets in January of this year.

We came up with the name together, Huffman said. I originally wanted something with skulls, but Kristina did not like that. We went with Devilicious because we are both sarcastic, a bit devilish, and our food is delicious; so it goes well together.

The women have been hard at work establishing a loyal fan base and having a few consistent stops, like Wednesday evenings, where you can find them parked at the new Green Flash Brewery Tasting Room Garden in Mira Mesa. We are chefs, so we like to drink, Huffman said. I used to brew my own Belgian stout and pale ales. I don’t have the time anymore, but our food goes great with beer.

Within less than a year of cooking sinfully good grub, Huffman and Repp caught the eyes of producers of the Food Networks The Great Food Truck Race. Although bound by a contract to not disclose anything about the race, Huffman said, We got to meet a lot of amazing people, and learned a lot about preparing food on the road. It made us better food truck owners, and better chefs. We have also learned to keep things simple but solid, adding small details here and there in order to always surprise our customers and keep them wanting more.

The Food
The Devilicious slogan, Food So Good It’s Bad! is perfect; because just like sinning, you know when you are enjoying yourself too much it can’t be good, but you do not care! Also, it should be noted that everything is prepared fresh on a daily basis.

We offer solid, good comfort food that reminds us both of our childhoods, Huffman said. Our most popular item by far is the Lobster Grilled Cheese. We sell out of it frequently and have gone through 70 pounds of lobster in a two-hour period. We also have amazing burgers. We use Angus beef and keep it fresh by changing the toppings every week. This week we topped the burgers with blue cheese, cranberries, and bacon. Plus, we serve it on sourdough bread, just like our grilled cheeses.

It was pretty much a given that we had to order the most popular item, the Butter Poached Lobster Grilled Cheese. It featured chunks of lobster, melted cheeses, caramelized onions, and roasted Roma with herbs. And there was no skimping on the butter applied to the sourdough bread. No flavor was overpowering, you could taste them all in each bite. It is difficult to put into words, so we will just call it delicious, and definitely worth the $9 price tag.

The All Crab-Crab Cake is a generous portion of crab served on a bed of field greens, red onions, tomatoes, and a Devilicious spicy sauce. It can be served Kristina style with a fried egg, but we opted to have it without. Nevertheless, it was another homerun. Devilicious women truly know how to combine various flavors that enhance one another.

Although many people were ordering the Blue Cheese Bacon Stuffed Jalapenos, we decided to try their Truffled Parmesan Fries as our side. They were evenly seasoned, fresh-cut fries with the right amount of fresh Parmesan cheese on the top.

It is a Wednesday, we found the food truck at Green Flash Brewing and enjoyed several craft samples of beer with our meal; however, Devilicious does sell sodas and water if beer is not your thing. The tasting room garden provides plenty of picnic-style tables, and we shared ours with three men who all ordered the BBBLT  which is tons of bacon with a fried egg on sourdough. I never thought I would hear this word uttered at the same time, but all three said, Scrumptious, after their first bites.

To taste the Devilicious menu creations, follow them on Facebook and Twitter for daily truck stop information, and do not forget to cheer for them on August 14th, when the second season of The Great Food Truck Race begins.

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