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Article by. sandieganliz | Photos by. Ashley Parda

The Green came to Ocean Beach, California to entertain two sold-out crowds on March 24th & 25th. Rising in popularity, The Green is a rootsy reggae band with island tones that show their uplifting romantic side. I mean, there is an obvious island vibe, like that of original roots reggae from Jamaica. NUG Magazine got the chance to check out the greenest vibes from Hawaii and their special guests.

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C-Money of Slightly Stoopid on stage with The Green

The Green played at Winston’s in O.B. on a Thursday and Friday night. On Thursday, they played with So. Cal. bands Seedless and Through The Roots. On Friday, The Green played with Kawao, a band from Hawaii, and Kevin Kinsella, a former member of the East Coast’s John Brown’s Body, with members of The Devastators backing him up. Special appearances came from members of Stranger, C-Money from Slightly Stoopid, and Anuhea from Hawaii. There was even supporting musicians from the local area, including those from Ease Up, HI Roots, Roots Covenant, Tribal Seeds, and Tribal Theory. DJ Carlos Culture kept the crowd entertained between sets with mixes from island and roots music that included Fiji, J Boog, Don Carlos, and even Natty Dread. The event was produced by Polynesian Underground, an entertainment group that mostly books island-influenced reggae in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Hawaii. Their most memorable events harbored well-known artists such as Rebelution and J Boog; and from Hawaii, The Green and Natural Vibrations.

Seedless, a reggae/rock band from Orange County, started the first night of The Green’s performances. The crowd reacted well to their conscientious and mostly rock music.  A guest vocalist, Susie Liufau, sister to vocalist Matthew, sang a cover of “They Gonna Talk” by Beres Hammond. Then, Through The Roots was next. This reggae/rock band got a good reaction from the crowd as well; and with those nice vocals, I could see why. The most memorable part of the show was the “freeze,” where they were addressing the crowd like bands normally do, and then they just STOP! They literally “freeze.” And they do it for awhile, almost a minute it seemed, which is pretty long for a live music show performance. Overall, I can see why these two bands are quickly rising in popularity!

When The Green went on stage, they were greeted with great excitement from the crowd! It was my first time seeing this seven member band perform. Not only was their music romantic, promising, and roots reggae, but they displayed that Rasta vibe – with Zion Thompson, the guitarist, golden dreadlocks, the roots-played keyboards, and obvious reggae style vocals and bass. Their best songs were “What Will Be Will Be,” “Love I,” and “Alone.” Also that night, Daniel Montgomery, of favorite local band Stranger, appeared for guest vocals to the song “Dearest Sylvia.”

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The Green with sandieganliz & Ashley P.

Friday night was slightly different because not only were the first two bands from out-of-state, but C-Money and Anuhea made an appearance and played with The Green. It all started with Kawao bringing that tropical/reggae sound. Their music is easygoing and the last song “Push Comes to Shove” stood out the most. Next was Kevin Kinsella, whose reggae music carried an East Coast accent. His music sounded progressive, and I definitely heard that J.B.B. tone since I’m familiar with the music of his former band.

DJ Carlos Culture entertained the Friday crowd as well with some reggae spins. This time, he also spun some classic reggae instrumentals with a member of Roots Covenant on vocals. A little history on long time, San Diego based DJ Carlos Culture: He started playing in California in1989 after falling in love with playing music on a friend’s radio show at Ohio State University. From there, he played house parties and grabbed a spot at Winston’s. In the late 90s, he began to do a show with Makeda Dread on 91X.  He now does gigs at the Belly Up Tavern, runs Club Kingston at Winston’s, and helps produce music shows for the WorldBeat Center. In fact, I followed his Fulla Vibes show, which happens every Wednesday night, for more than a month to check out his reggae scene. Carlos Culture books a wide range of reggae bands, including Maka and I Sight, Southtown Generals, Nano Bravo and the MadLions Band, and RevivaL from Hawaii (with the latter one being co-produced with Polynesian Underground).

The Green hit the stage for their second night in San Diego. The crowd was excited! One of the first songs, “What Will Be Will Be,” sung by Zion got the crowd roaring early into their set. As they played on, I asked a couple of fans what they thought of the band, and they told me they were the “sh*t!” In fact, I decided to talk to the band too. They told me it was their fifth time playing in San Diego and that our city is the “sh*t!” They also noted all the local bands that came out to support both nights. The most memorable part of this night was C-Money playing guest trumpet in a song about “soul-jah” and Anuhea singing her sultry R&B vocals to the song “How Did It Feel.” Needless to say, the crowd roared and cell phones were up in the air pointed towards the stage. The band ended with hit songs “Alone” and “Love I,” which of course, sent the crowd home pumped up.

The Green is a rising reggae band that is captivating audiences all over the country. They have played with popular reggae artists like Damian Marley, Rebelution, and Iration while still playing with other popular bands such as SOJA, Fortunate Youth, and Through The Roots. If you’re into the greenest island vibes, be sure to check out The Green from Hawaii. For more information,

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