The Irresponsibility of Government

By: My Key Way

Government, bureaucracy, litigators, law enforcement, and local lawmakers are responsible for the gross negligence of those who consume illegal drugs. They are responsible for the method of use and the environment they are consumed in. They are responsible for the overuse, overdose, and the inconsistent quality control. They are also responsible for dangerous chemicals that are put into the substances that are illegitimately manufactured. They are responsible for the glorification of these substances and the declination of the citizens who choose to use them.

By ostracizing the very substance, they – the bureaucracy – choose to control it, which evokes curiosity, and curiosity evokes experimentation. Now, the methods of experimentation are illicit, but they can be found within society, our society, and its black markets. Within these social scenarios, people learn to consume the substance irresponsibly.  Alcohol abuse leads to unprotected sex, rape, and unsafe use of technology (i.e. cars, guns, knives and text messaging).

Now in ancient society, substance was used during ceremony. Were ancient cultures bands of mescaline eating psychotics roaming the hillsides going “Wow Man” ? No, they were extremely reserved, responsible communities that were highly spiritual and connected within their communities and families. The people were taught to respect toxic substance. They used it to promote vision and spirituality. They utilized it responsibly and reserved it for a particular time and place. They used it for rite of passage and growth of self and understanding.  Yet, when alcohol was introduced, it became a widespread problem and led to the decline of a culture, because there was no ritual, no rite, no limitations respected. There was not one bit of cultural understanding or responsibility.  It was just a means of escape or a good feeling. This created mass consumption without restrain, which was promoted by European culture. European culture embraced this and had an understanding and a desire to undermine native peoples.  Is that what our government is doing to its people?  Are they taking away culture and promoting despondency?

In countries such as Amsterdam, they enforce responsibility by allowing people to consume substance in designated areas. People who consume various substances understand the risks, and there is less violence because illegal entities are not trying to control the profits created by the black commerce. Substance is traded and tendered openly and consumed without punishment. In America, the lack of tolerance creates illegal profits and violence, and history shows that prohibition creates markets for people such as Al Capone.

It is the very laws that promote irresponsible use of substance; it’s because of the ignorance of the governing body. Controlled substance has been provided in irresponsible situations for irresponsible reasons by irresponsible people teaching irresponsibility, just as firearms and gang violence promote irresponsible use of weapons. When firearms are introduced to control territory, they are used in a designated rite or ritual, and as a display of power, the responsibility is lost in pride and prowess.  Is it an evil without necessity? Do the violent stay and see the destruction they have caused? Usually, they run to escape the responsibility of their actions. If a family is raised around the responsible usage of guns for hunting, protection, food and military reasons, they develop a respect that creates responsibility. They witness the outcome, beneficial or not, of their actions. A bond is created between necessity and its evils, and it bridges the gap of responsibility between understanding and power.

Such things as fire, electricity, flight, sea travel and nuclear power are inherently dangerous. Yet, through controlled usage, we have obtained great things. We have bridged continents, ended sicknesses, and created power without pollution. We have connected many cultures and sociological perspectives that have brought enlightenment and understanding. We have abolished many fears and extinguished myths.  What was taboo is now perspective. Just because there are deaths caused by these advancements, it doesn’t mean we should create legislation that bans the use of fire, guns, or even electricity.  Instead, we regulate them, control the use of its properties, and create safe environments where we can utilize those special and beneficial attributes.

Many amazing principals have been presented by consumption of substance. Art, music, science, theories and hypotheses have been stimulated by the “out of the box” thoughts produced by responsible usage of chemicals. Francis Crick admitted to the discovery of DNA induced by the consumption of LSD (Supernatural; Graham Hancock); however, a society that consumes LSD on a daily basis may be irresponsible.  A Sunday afternoon of spiritual awakening in an environment created for the expansion of the mind and body may be a necessity to understanding our place in the future we all live in. Why was LSD once distributed in stores freely without discrimination?

Although there are inherent dangers to the consumption of chemicals, those dangers are reduced greatly by utilizing their benefits responsibly. While the government and its officials demonize and punish the use of some chemicals, they glorify others by allowing irresponsible use. If your mother told you that you could never consume chocolate, it would induce a natural curiosity. When you later discover that chocolate is good, you begin to question other beneficial advice given by authority; therefore, disregarding other laws and rules that are completely necessary. Yet, most responsible parents simply inform their children, “No deserts until after you have had your dinner,” creating a responsible format in which to consume sweets.

We continuously tell our children, “Say no to drugs!” – while the drug induced lifestyle is glorified in the media, movies, television and books.  Is there no way to prevent mass consumption of irresponsibility?  Most Italian families have red wine with dinner. Is there an overwhelming level of wine-o’s roaming the countryside in Italy? No (unless they are American college students); yet, this is the place that is credited for the birth of the resonance and the centralization of religions. Most churches of catholic denomination use wine as the blood of Christ, not grape juice.

Americans abuse many things within our society. Obesity is prolific. Alcoholism has existed for as long as there was a constitution. The abuses of opiates are as old as the British Empire. No laws have ever prevented this; no religion has ever cured this crisis. By ignoring, punishing, and litigating, we have destroyed families, lives and people. By abolishing and abstaining, we have created predators. By denying, we have created abuse. The glorification of the few has led to disappointment, scandal, and a lack of trust of the establishment. There are cocktail parties at the White House, but the police are dispatched to incarcerate a citizen near you. Yet, wine is served with cheese, and scotch is served after dinner. These responsible perspectives are accepted because society has created parameters for use. An unattended camp fire can burn out or destroy hundreds of thousands of acres; so, is this a reason to stop using fire?

The creation of a legal drinking age has led to more teenage alcoholics than any other law.  If children didn’t have the known limitations, there would be no glorification or correlations in being an adult and drinking alcohol. Being able to consume liquor should not be a perspective of becoming an adult. This perspective of adulthood only leads to an excuse for irresponsibility. “It’s my 21st birthday and I’m going out to a bar and getting wasted. There are no laws that can hold me back now,”(Karoki Rosamo; National Geographic’s’ Indestructible, July 10, 2011). A child that has indulged at a young age and become sick from stealing wine after dinner – this child has a greater understanding of the responsibility of wine. The 21-year-old has earned the right because they have aged to an adult, and the child that is sick might realize excess is unnecessary.

In conclusion, learning to consume substance in a responsible environment will only create responsible usage. Television and advertisements promote the consumption of liquor, the glorification of night club environments, and the “let loose and party” attitude. This will only lead to more DUI’s and more alcohol related accidents and crime. Did prohibition teach us nothing? Was the 21st amendment another industry related crime against humanity? The demonization of an act will only lead to a proliferation of epidemic proportions. This determines that lawmakers are responsible for the irresponsible declination of a society, and these laws must be repealed, removed and ratified. Decriminalization must be observed before the destruction of our great nation occurs.

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