The Network Awesome Salute To Drugs!

A week long investigation into the illicit substances that drive our culture.

7 Days = 7 Drugs

Sept 19-25, 2011

Full schedule:

~ Monday – Caffeine And Nicotine
Live Music Show – Coffee and Cigarettes
Guess what Patsy Cline, the Descendants, and My Bloody Valentine all have in common…

Collection: Coffee
David Lynch commercials, mod coffee bar action in the UK and a slightly risque film as only the French can make.
Doc – Black Harvest 

Amazing Documentary about a coffee plantation stuck in the middle of a tribal war

Cigarettes and Coffee (PT Anderson, 1992, super rare!)

Paul Thomas Anderson’s first film shot on a borrowed camera which eventually became “Sydney” which eventually became “Hard Eight”

Horizon: Why We Love Cigarettes
Why do all cultures love nicotine so much? The BBC takes a look…

Movie – Bright Leaf (Michael Curtiz, 1950)
A “lost” classic directed by Michael Curtiz, stars Gary Cooper, Patricia Neal and Lauren Bacall about tobacco rivalries after the American Civil War.

~ Tuesday- Alcohol
Live Music Show – Alcohol
It turns out Snoop Dogg, The Doors, and John Lee Hooker all like to drink. Who knew?

Collection: Derek Waters presents Drunk History
One of the best Funny or Die series collected into one non-stop, star-studded, nearly-accurate, show!

Ads – Alcohol
Remember when they used to sell liquor on TV? No? Well they used to!

Talk Show – Charles Bukowski
In-depth interview with everyone’s favorite drunken genius.

Movie – Drunken Master
Yep, we went there!

~ Wednesday – Weed
Live Music Show – Marley and the Wailers (1973)

We see a 28 year old Bob Marley with his “smokin” hot band! (ugg, sorry)

Cheech & Chong Live 1978

The wake and bake comedy duo at the height of their fame.

21 Jump St – Raising Marijuana

“Penhall and Loki go undercover as the “Swark Twins” to get in with teenage boys working for drug smugglers.” (Jeeze…)

Doc: Hooked – Marijuana

Takes a look at the history of marijuana and it’s prohibition in the U. S. of America. Warning: lots of dramatic music.

Movie – Rockers (1978)

Originally a documentary but blossomed into a full-length feature film showing the reggae culture at its peak. Yes, there are subtitles.

Movie- Pineapple Express (Judd Apatow, 2008)
A weed dealer and a stoner go on the run from hit men and a corrupt police officer after they witness a murder. Legitimately funny big-Hollywood film from the current roster of People magazine fodder.

~ Thursday – Pills

120 Megabytes – Special Rave edition

Our new weekly Music/Art Video show curates a special show from the raves old and new!

The Trip Back Vs. Strangers With Candy
Did you know there was an after-school special that inspired Amy Sedaris to make Strangers With Candy?

Doc – Ecstasy Rising

Peter Jennings on the history of ecstasy.

Collection: Amazing PSA’s

Drugs are bad but these PSA’s are basically hilarious and/or weird.

Talk Show – Alexander Shulgin
Interviews with the very philosophical American pharmacologist, chemist, artist, and drug developer credited with the popularization of MDMA.

Movie – A Midsummer Night’s Rave
The tag line for this adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream was actually “Get ‘Pucked’ Up”. We can’t believe it got made either.

~ Friday – Heroin

Live Music Show – Songs In The Key Of “H”

There are some musicians that love, and we mean really LOVE, Heroin. Here’s a few folks that used to chase the dragon.

Doc – William S. Burrows
Find out why the author of Naked Lunch liked to live in a cinder block room with fluorescent lighting.

Movie – Naked Lunch

An exterminator accidentally murders his wife and becomes involved in a government plot being orchestrated by giant bugs in an Islamic port town in Africa. Duh!

Collection: Jim Carroll
A collection of music and spoken word by the former high school basketball star/prostitute/junkie turned musician/poet/author of The Basketball Diaries.

Trailer Trash – Not That Kind Of Horse
Our weekly curator of movie trailers quips: “Eight trailers ‘injected’ with fun!”

Movie – Christiane F. (1981)

Follows a 14yr old junkie around the streets of Berlin in the 70s. Music by David Bowie. How could this not be glamorous?

~ Saturday – Cocaine

Live Music Show – White Line Fever

Guess what else musicians like to do?

Doc – Cocaine Cowboys
True story of how Miami became the drug, murder and cash capital of the United States, told by the people who made it all happen.

Cartoon All-stars to the Rescue

The Smurfs, Garfield, The Muppet Babies, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight drugs – together.

An Evening with Robin Williams

It’s 1982 and he’s high on life… or something.

Collection: Studio 54
Famous NYC nightclub with enough outrageousness to keep most of western civilization enthralled for years.

Movie – Maria Full Of Grace

Desperate for money, Maria becomes a drug mule, attempting to smuggle 62 pellets of cocaine in her stomach. Yuk.

~ Sunday – Psychedelics

Live Music Show – Peter Whitehead – The Pink Floyd: London 66-67

Fueled by 8mm film and tons of new music – let’s shift into Interstellar Overdrive!!!

Talk Show – Albert Hoffman

The person who discovered LSD talks about his discovery and the experiences connected with it. Named #1 out of 100 in Telegraph’s magazine 2007 “Top 100 Living Geniuses” list.

Doc – Project MK-Ultra
Still shrouded in mystery, myth and misinformation even today, the Central Intelligence Agency’s “project MK-ULTRA” involved dosing test subjects, willing and not, with powerful psychedelic drugs.

Doc – Beyond Life With Timothy Leary
A controversial figure, he defended the use of LSD for its therapeutic, emotional and spiritual benefits.

Movie- The Tingler (1959, William Castle)

A pathologist has a theory that fear is the result of a creature that inhabits all of us. He gets a chance to test his theories when he meets Martha, a deaf and mute and uses LSD to induce nightmares. That’s when the fun starts…

Movie – The Trip (1967, directed by Roger Corman, written by Jack Nicholson)

Peter Fonda takes a guided trip that features body paint on semi-nude actresses to lend atmosphere, colorful patterned lighting, and a midget riding a merry-go-round. Cra-ray-zee!


bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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