The new all-in-one joint cone roller and weed grinder for marijuana enthusiasts

The new all-in-one joint cone roller and weed grinder for marijuana enthusiasts


What if you no longer needed separate ways to store, grind, prepare, roll and fill your joint?And what if you could easily roll your joint from A to Z without smashing your pot with your fingers or grinding it with milling devices that leave it damaged or at least not as fresh and strong as you’d like to smoke it?

These are user experience problems that cannabis users face every day and, as weed users ourselves and also as entrepreneurs, we had to step in and solve these issues.

That’s how we came up with weR™ herby Cone Roller and Herb Grinder, the world’s first all-in-one device that allows you to easily store and carry your marijuana with you, grind and load it into a cone that the very device lets you prepare —come rain or come shine.


We couldn’t mean it more literally—herby lets people roll their joints wherever they are, even if the environment is super windy or if the context is extra shaky (such as a car ride). And it doesn’t matter if you are a rookie or a pro, herby is always easy to use and it always allows you to store, carry, grind, roll and load in under a minute.

With an integrated milling compartment that is perfect for marijuana but which could also be used for any other kind of herb, herby allows you to store and carry your cannabis to turn it into a joint in no time — while knowing your favorite herb will stay as whole as a perfect grinder could leave it.

Made with German technology and extraordinary product design, this is a product that will make a lot of people happy. There’s really nothing quite like it on the market.

Available in black and white for our crowdfunding backers, herby has just been launched on Indiegogo, where you can become a Super Early Bird adopter for an extraordinary price.

So, are you ready to roll your joint like a pro?

For more info: weR herby Cone Roller & Herb Grinder



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