The Sick Cycle

By: Tiffany Janay

If you take a look around you will notice a vast majority of people are sick with something, either mentally, physically, or both.  Obesity is an epidemic, but high cholesterol and blood pressure have come to be considered normal, while our youth struggle with diabetes, asthma, and ADD.  Most people expect that once they hit a certain age they will have to face the reality of taking medication to control their problems.  But when did this become normal?  When did we start accepting the notion that our medical problems are “hereditary?”  The only thing that seems to be inherited is a lack of knowledge and the desire to be self-destructive.

One of the great things about America is our ability to profit off just about anything.  After all, this is the land of opportunity and from the size and power of the major corporations; some people have taken their piece of opportunity and ran with it.  In the past, life was much different. Men spent their days out in the wild, hunting and gathering, while the women cooked and cared for the family.   There were no grocery stores or restaurants; if they didn’t get it themselves, then they didn’t eat!

These days the thought of starvation is a joke because there is food everywhere, so much so it’s in excess.  You can feed yourself at any drive-thru for $.99.  They are practically giving food away.  When I discovered that the food I was raised on, and very much in love with, was responsible for my health and mental issues, I got angry.  I was angry at my elders, the companies who were profiting off my bewilderment, and the government for approving this food for human consumption.  As time passed, I learned to take responsibility for my lack of knowledge and exchanged daily gossiping sessions for learning how to read labels and get in tune with my body.

I realized that someone somewhere has a great responsibility on his or her hands, and being that this is the land of opportunity, someone happily swooped up the responsibility of feeding a nation of people who no longer know how to feed themselves.  At some point in life, we all just stopped thinking for ourselves.  We instead became overwhelmed by stress, too busy in a day, and just overall angry and unhappy.   It’s time we snap out of it!  Lots of people profit off the way we live and we are contributing to a circle of doom.  When we eat unhealthy food, our body begins to break down and it gives us signals that something isn’t right.  We have learned to ignore this problem by avoiding the root of the cause and only treating our symptoms.  If all we do is put band aides over our wounds, then infection will surely set in, driving us to seek medication.  Unfortunately, we do not benefit from this circle of profit we are funding.  The food and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, mortuaries, insurance companies and nonprofits all make money off our ailments and disabilities.  So I’m going to try and shed some light on this issue.

It starts out with eating from one of those pricey name brands you see on TV; something that is nutritionally dense.  There is no real nutrition in boxed or convenient foods.  In fact, there’s probably not much nutrition in anything that is not being grown and picked fresh daily.  When our bodies get sick from all the unhealthy food, we attempt to treat this with an over the counter medication.  When that doesn’t work, we schedule an appointment with the doctor, who gives his best educated guess and prescribes you more medicine.  Unfortunately, you take the drugs, but keep eating the same way, so you don’t get better.  In fact, you may be feeling worse.  As a result, you call the doctor for another appointment so he can take another educated guess at the problem and prescribe you another medication or a stronger dose of what he gave you the first time.  Well, after some time has passed and you don’t feel better, you notice a few new problems have set in and your original problem has gotten worse!!  Then, you make another doctor’s appointment.

In you go, to check into the hospital aided by staff that are all being paid by YOU to be there and assist you through this operation.  You go in and tell the doctor that things aren’t looking good for you, listing off all the problems you are having and together you guys review which medications you are on.  Perplexed, the doctor orders some high priced testing to be done.  They are going to need your blood, urine, saliva and pictures of your insides to really find out what’s wrong with you.  And if the test results uncover something worse than expected, he’ll believe that an operation will make you as good as new.  Feeling backed into a corner and hopeless, you sit down with your family and discuss your options.  Everyone agrees you should go ahead with the operation.

Meanwhile, you are still eating your favorite foods and since cooking is hard to do, especially when you are recovering, you’ve started eating more drive-thru and restaurant food.  Perhaps you’re even puffing on a cigarette here and there or discovered that taking a few sips of your favorite brew and popping pain killers gives you mind numbing you wouldn’t believe!  It feels good that you have now found yourself addicted; to the illness, the doctor, the pharmaceuticals, and depression.  Your family and friends say you have changed.  You lack the luster you used to have before you got sick.  You need an intervention.  How much does that cost?  I’m sure insurance will cover it or you can get it on credit or something.

This cycle will continue for many years, if you’re lucky, or until the next step, which is death.  Again, someone is profiting off of this.  When you start really digging, you’ll see that all of these companies are a part of a co-op of sorts.  They all seem to be connected, or sister companies, or affiliates of one another.  A hospital will get certain funding from another company for selling their products.  Or maybe another company gets residuals from another company for referring business their way.  I’m sure the profiting benefits are endless.  And through it all, the common denominator they all have is….you or us.  It’s us, who no longer take responsibility for ourselves, totally lost by how to grow our own food, and too busy to go out and hunt for our daily rations.  Imagine having kids that are 30 years old and still living with you all because they lack the basic skills of knowing how to provide for themselves.  Now multiply that by 10 million.  Imagine the problem that has been left on someone’s hands.

When you break it all down, hopefully you will see that there’s really not much of a conspiracy going on at all.  Someone just saw a margin for profit and took advantage of it to provide for his or her own family.  However, know that we have the full ability to change the dynamics of this circle.  We can simply decide to stop playing.  Many of you know exactly how to grow a marijuana garden, which is great!   You already know the basic fundamentals it takes to create life.  Now take that skill and expand on it.  Start yourself a garden of fruits and vegetables.  Make the choice to provide as much as possible for yourself and try your best not to rely on grocery stores and pre-made food.

Learn to trust yourself more.  Though, you may not have an accredited degree, it doesn’t mean you can’t be an expert at your own health.  Also, listening is key because our bodies send signs and symptoms.  It may take a complete change in your lifestyle to fix your aliments, but look at the alternatives.  You may really enjoy this new change in lifestyle; in fact, it may be the answer to those desires you were convinced were unattainable.  Also, know that western medicine is not the only choice.  You probably already know this because you consume medical marijuana; you are already accustomed to seeking out alternative treatment.

Often times I hear people say that eating healthy is too expensive, not true!  It’s all about how you want to delegate your funds.  What I find to be expensive is paying into the monthly insurance premium, the cost of doctor visits, the pharmaceuticals, the missed time from work because of your illness, surgery, the gas to get to and from those doctor visits and picking up meds, and the cost of a funeral from an untimely death.

You may not be mentally prepared or in a position to tackle all the solutions, but do what you can.  The circle begins with what is being consumed.  Start there.

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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