The Story of Island Records

In 1959, Chris Blackwell founded Island Records in a small office in Kingston, Jamaica in an effort to bring Jamaican music to the broader stage. After moving the offices to the UK, Island Records sought out talent from various musical genres. The company has been one of the most important labels in the music industry and the force behind some of the top era-defining acts like Bob Marley and the Wailers, U2, Roxy Music, Tom Waits, Eric B and Rakim, Tricky, Grace Jones, Amy Winehouse, Keane, and numerous others. In celebration of the company’s 50th anniversary, Rizzoli in collaboration with Island Trading Co. present a comprehensive retrospective of the people and artists behind the label in The Story of Island Records: Keep on Running.

Opening with an introduction by founder Chris Blackwell, the company’s history and catalog of artists is presented through essays from noted luminaries and critics in the music industry. The musicians on its roster are renowned for pushing the creative limits in both music and cover art. Heavily illustrated with rare and well-known album covers, artist portraits, and photographs from the Island archives make The Story of Island Records the definitive book on this legendary label.

About the Contributors: Chris Blackwell is the founder of Island Records and one of the most highly regarded figures in the entertainment industry. Suzette Newman is Chris Blackwell’s business partner. Chris Salewicz is the author of The Ballad of Joe Strummer, and contributes regularly to dozens of newspapers, magazines, and books.

© The Story of Island Records: Keep on Running by Suzette Newman and Chris Salewicz, Universe, 2010.

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