By: Sandieganliz

On Saturday, February 19th, Thrive played at the 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach. Originally from Santa Cruz, these boys traveled down to San Diego to shower us with their music. Even through wind and rain, Thrive still managed to woo the crowd with their reggae/rock music.

Thrive was the first band to start the night, alongside Boom Culture and Jet West. Although Thrive is more reggae than the other two bands, all three managed to rock the night away. Thrive started with “Justice” and “Counterculture”, and caught the crowd’s attention. A couple of romantic songs were thrown in, and higher conscious ones like “Freedom of Speech” and “So Beautiful” got great feedback from the crowd.

Boom Culture is a reggae/rock band from San Diego that also incorporates funk and soul into their music. At the start of the night, rock music was evident, but then came the reggae; and toward the end, I heard that funk they claimed. Much like Thrive, they also played a romantic song, but told the crowd to hold someone special while they jammed.

Jet West closed the night. They started their set with a spectacular light show while they rocked out. They definitely played rock music, but mixed it with some metal and very little reggae. Their sound is similar to The Expendables, and, in fact, Chris, their lead guitarist, gave a shout-out to the recent Expendables show, which took place a couple nights prior.

Jet West also played a romantic song and dedicated it to the dancing couples, which means the theme of the night was rock/romance. Whether you’re more into reggae or rock, this show had a median for both. The PB crowd loved it – rock on!

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