How’d The Show Go?
By: sandieganliz

Top Shelf from Ukiah in Northern California came to the 710 Club in Pacific Beach. Top Shelf is a reggae/rock band with a hip-hop/ska sound. The vocals were amazing as well as instrumentals and high-energy. The crowd reacted well to Top Shelf prior to Ease Up closing the night.

I arrived at the club at around 9:30 p.m. Field Trip was on-stage, opening the night. Funny, I’ve been meaning to check ‘em out. They are a local band playing reggae/rock. I didn’t ask if they wanted to be included in my review, but in case they don’t mind, I’ll say they’re a 3-piece set with a slow rock/reggae vibe.

Top Shelf was next and built up the crowd. The first noticeable thing about this band is that they’re full of energy right from the start, but as they progress, they take time to slow things down as well. The vocalist has an amazing voice, sounding a bit like Robert Smith of The Cure, but playing to some nice reggae. Their music was uplifting and seemed to speak about stuff that actually occurs. In fact, it seems poetic, just like the vocalist and his poem book “One Day,” which was for sale at the Top Shelf booth. The guitar riffs were excellent and the collaboration of singing Sublime’s “The Ballad of Johnny Butt” that went into Bob Marley’s “Jamming” with Ease Up was most memorable.

Ease Up, who I checked out before at a show with Stranger, performed well to end the night. They are based out of San Diego with a couple of members from L.A. Ease Up was touring with Top Shelf in various parts of California. They both play reggae/rock and complemented each other well in the show.

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