Tribal Seeds

BY: Eric Fowler

Tribal Seeds is a homegrown band from San Diego. Started in 2004 by brothers Steven and Tony-Ray, with heavy influences by Bob Marley, Steele Pulse, and Midnite, Tribal Seeds mixes a refreshing rock vibe with reggae music.

With the release of their first 2 albums “Tribal Seeds” and “The Harvest”, they have quickly made an impact in the reggae music scene. Playing sell out shows in the U.S, and sharing the stage with legends like Damian Marley, Steven Marley, and The Wailers, Tribal Seeds are here to stay.

Band Members:
Steve – Vocals/Guitar
T-Ray – Keyboards
John – Bass
Tony – Guitar
Carlos – Drums
Joe – Percussions

Nug: Thanks for taking your time to talk with Nug Magazine.

Tribal: Thank you guys for having us.

Nug: How did you come up with the name Tribal Seeds?

Tribal: We came up with it 6 years ago. Tribal, because we’ve always liked the tribal mentality, like nothing lavish, just respecting nature and living off what you have. Seed, as in we’re the decedents of that kind of thinking, you know that kind of mentality. We were really young at the time, so it also means we are growing.

Nug: You have worked with artists like The Wailers, Damian Marley, Stephen Marley, Rebelution, and many others. Who did you like working with most?

Rebelution is really cool. We’re about to tour with them. They’re up and coming and doing big things, so it’s awesome for us to be able to link up with them and get exposure on the East Coast. We all share a common interest, reggae music; it’s always fun to play with positive bands.

Nug: You have released two albums and both have made it big. Your self-titled album “Tribal Seeds” was released in 2008, and was picked “Best Of 2008 Reggae Albums” on iTunes. “The Harvest” that was released in 2009, debuted at the number 5 spot on Billboard’s Reggae charts. That’s a big honor!

Tribal: Yes it is. We still can’t really believe it ourselves. Thanks to everyone who supports us, buying our albums on iTunes and coming out to our shows. It’s all about people sharing the vibe.

Nug: A lot of artists have rituals before they perform. Do you have any?

Tribal: Not really. We drink beer and smoke some herb to loosen up and get the vibe going.

Nug: You support some great programs such as World Beat Center, Monarch School, and Invisible Children. What do you provide for them?

Tribal: We do shows for them. We’re always happy to help out and raise money for a good cause. World Beat Center has always been there for us. Makeda Dread has helped us out from day one. She is the World Beat Center. We wouldn’t be here if she wasn’t here. We appreciate what the World Beat Center has done for us. It’s an honor to just bring our music and be a part of their events.

Nug: Are you working on a new album?

Tribal: Yes, we’re going to come out with something next year. So we’re starting to work on some new stuff. Expect some Dub Mixes soon. Right now we’re messing around with some ideas. Hopefully late this year, we’ll start recording again.

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