Tropical berries 90u Hash Rosin Review

Tropical berries 90u Hash Rosin

Cross- (Bazooka Joe x Tropicana Cookies)
Grown by @ilovekushhh
Washed by @rozinxtracts @treetop_wax

I’ve recently started dabbling into Hash Rosin and have quickly become a fan. After trying this one I honestly feel like I’ve been spoiled guys this stuff was straight Terpy fire.

Huge enormous shout out to @rozinxtracts for the sample and for giving me my first experience with good quality Terpy Hash Rosin.

Terps- Were super concentrated, On the front end, you’re welcomed with the beautiful scent of peaches, Skittlez, and Berries all which give off a huge Tropical flavor. Take every piece of Tropical candy you’ve ever had in you’re life and put them in your mouth at the same time and that’s what this gal tastes and smells like. I honestly could not get my head out of the jar I wanted to go to bed with this little jar and take her everywhere with me just to have these terps handy to Wiff on at all times.

Consistency and Color- Again being new to Hash Rosin I’m just going to describe everything nice about this gal. Consistency was very sticky and slightly wet and seemed Super Fresh not hardened at all very soft and sticky.  Now the Color which was absolutely beautiful guys she has this Shiny, Peachy, Pink tone to her it wasn’t that beige gold or brown that I’m used to seeing it was peach colored I added pics and video for you guys just Swipe it.

The High For me I would consider this as being the type of stuff you would use for immediate relief. About 25 seconds after I blew out the first hit I got a huge rush to my head chest and body. I had that faint sweat or “Dew” built upon the top of my head and eyelids. The body high is immediate and flows throughout the body. She gave me this numbing Aura around my face head and eyes. After about 3 minutes in I was completely taken back and sat down to enjoy and completely forget that I was doing in the first place god bless to that.

This was an overall amazing experience from the interesting and tasty-sounding cross to the potency and amazing tropical flavors. Cheers, and thank you to everyone  @rozinxtracts @ilovekushhh @treetop_wax @nugmagazine @rapoleon_dynamite

Enjoying the finest medicine there is. Enjoy my reviews!

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