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SOJA w/ Dru West

How has life changed since the launch of The Secrets of the West Coast Masters?
Since launching the book, I’ve been on the road a lot. It has been a big change for me, personally. Instead of keeping my identity and what I do on the down low, as I am accustomed, I’ve been traveling all over the place, appearing at events and book signings, trying to spread the word about the book. I guess the secret is out and I’m glad. Nothing makes me happier than meeting someone who says they’ve been helped by my book.

How have sales been going?
Sales have been going better than expected. We have just sold out the first printing and are receiving more and more wholesale enquiries every day. It won’t be long before you can find ‘The Secrets of the West Coast Masters’ in book stores all over the world.

What has been the response to the book?
It has been great. We are getting nothing but love from our readers. We receive tons of feedback from our readers, who have also been very helpful with ideas for future editions. The book has also gained the approval of one of my heroes, Jorge Cervantes.

Have you discovered any new West Coast Masters in your travels?
For sure. Since launching the book, I have been contacted by some amazing growers who have invited me to check out their gardens. I was down in San Diego a few weeks back for the NUG Magazine 2nd Anniversary Party and got to tour the grow room of an ex-NASA engineer, Uncle P. I was so impressed when I got there to see how much success he is having using my techniques, along with all of his amazing inventions. I’m hoping to include some of his ideas in a future edition of the book.

You were invited to the Treating Yourself Expo in Toronto, Canada. What is the scene like up there and how does it differ from the U.S.?
That was an awesome trip. It was good to see some good friends, like Marco Renda, Kelly Kriston, and Matt Mernaugh. If I wasn’t so stoked to be here on the west coast, I could definitely live in Canada. The cannabis scene is really mellow there. If you have your card, you can smoke herb anywhere it is legal to smoke tobacco. They don’t care. They even let you vape on the airplanes there.

You have started doing backstage interviews with the likes of G. Love and Slightly Stoopid for CelebStoner. How did you score that gig?
It’s pretty much the best gig I’ve ever had. Music is my other passion and I spend a lot of time going to shows. So when Steve Bloom from Celebstoner.com said I could start covering them, I was all about it. I have a great time hanging out and getting stoned with the bands. They always have cool stories to tell.

What’s next for the West Coast Masters?
We have multiple projects going on right now, which we hope to launch by the end of the year. Keep an eye out for our new WCM clothing line, custom growing equipment, and instructional YouTube videos. We also plan to release an E-book and a Spanish language version of ‘The Secrets of the West Coast Masters’ by early 2012. For more info: www.westcoastmasters.com

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