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August 23 – September 22
Lucky Numbers 7, 14, 22, 29, 33, 39

Sirius isn’t just a satellite radio channel….in the world of NUG Astrology it’s the brightest star in the sky.  The Egyptians named it Sihor or the “Dog Star”. That’s where we get the term “The Dog Days of summer.” Celebrate, it’s Virgo’s time of year!

The Virgo Female
Business minded, the tireless Virgo Female is critical of others, while being super sensitive to criticism of herself. Head strong, with tireless energy. This gal gets the job done! She is a real problem solver who likes a challenge. She can always be trusted to get the perfect medicine for every occasion. Don’t take advantage of her giving nature, when she passes you the bowl…just smile and say thank you. Always compliment her choice of buds.  The Virgo woman keeps a high standard in her relationships. She’s very interested in literature, music and art. She loves her home because she knows everything is in its place. She loves small parties and is not comfortable in crowds. Can pretend to be sick if they do not want to go somewhere. The world is not perfect, she needs to learn how to relax and make time for herself. A good indica like Electric Purple should do the trick. Her sense of humor may surprise you. It’s always therapeutic to laugh at yourself and others once in a while. Don’t try to fool the Virgo woman when it comes to love, she will see right through it.  Her nature is to be dependable and sincere; she is filled with grace and charm and she sees life with very clear eyes.

The Virgo Male
The Virgo male likes everything in order. His secret garden has perfect rows of properly irrigated and trimmed plants. Always on top of things, you will never find a real weed in his garden. Although he’s known to be a neat freak, he can and will be messy at times. He is always attentive and supportive of your needs. He has a strong sense of responsibility in the most modest of ways; he doesn’t demand constant attention. He’s mostly gentle and rarely loses his temper unless you forget to pass back the pipe. The Virgo male likes to be financially secure. Protective of his loved ones, he’s happiest in a peaceful surrounding with plenty of fresh air, exercise and leisure time with his family and pets by his side. Lying to the Virgo male will get you nowhere. Don’t try to fool him by telling him the sack is overweight and he got a good deal. In romance and medicine, he prefers quality over quantity. Virgos make great fathers.  Devoted to his children, he will give them the best home schooling in the education of life. Don’t hurry romance if you are in love with a Virgo, he wants a decent and honest relationship and those things take time.

Compatible signs: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

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