VT’s 1st Delta-9 Beverages Are Here to Socialize

VT’s 1st Delta-9 Beverages Are Here to Socialize

Upstate Elevator Supply Co., a Vermont-based manufacturer of cannabis-infused products, has expanded its product line with beverages and gummies infused with fast-acting, hemp-derived delta-9 THC made from nano-emulsified hemp extract.

The new Delta 9 beverages are available in 12-ounce cans with a balanced ratio of 1 or 5 milligrams of Delta 9 THC to CBD and come in four unique flavors: Passion Fruit Seltzer, Green Mango Seltzer, Zesty Lime Ginger Ale and Orange Pop Soda.

Cannabis Industry Journal spoke with Ryan Chaffin, Upstate's director of business development, via phone to learn more about the launch of the company's new Delta-9 beverages.

CIJ: What were some of the regulatory hurdles Upstate had to overcome to launch its new product?

Chaffin: The biggest regulatory hurdle in selling any hemp-derived products remains the lack of uniform federal regulation. Brands are forced to navigate a patchwork system of constantly evolving state regulations. Upstate Elevator continues to advocate for federal regulation to provide much-needed oversight to the industry and maximize consumer protection.

CIJ: What kind of testing has Upstate done for quality and safety?

Chaffin: Upstate Elevator Supply's products are tested in ISO-certified laboratories to ensure potency, consistency and quality in every batch. All of our raw hemp ingredients are tested for pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins and bacterial and fungal contaminants to maintain the highest level of safety. Our commitment to the safety, quality and purity of our products is a symbol of the great state of Vermont that we call home.

CIJ: What are your plans for Upstate outside of Vermont?

Chaffin: Upstate Elevator has partnered with distributors throughout New England and the Midwest to sell our Delta 9 THC beverages and gummies. Minnesota is a particularly attractive market because it has the strongest regulatory framework in the country for safe access to hemp-derived products. We plan to expand our portfolio of Delta 9 beverages and gummies in the coming months.

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