grown by: VerticalBoyz
Reviewed by: Alexandra S.

If you prefer your concentrates to be just as aesthetically pleasing as it is extremely potent, VerticalBoyz’ “White Tahoe Cookies” will be one of the most dazzling things you could ever put in your lungs. From the moment you lay your eyes on this crystalized beauty, you know you’re in for a wild ride. Let’s just take a moment and admire the consistency for a minute – They appear to be little gems in a small, rounded glass container, glimmering like Canary Diamonds in the sunlight. It made me feel like these are almost too beautiful to smoke. After basking in its earthy scent for a few seconds, I then proceed to scoop myself a medium-sized glob.

Moments later and after 8 minutes of coughing violently, I realized I had wrongfully underestimated the power of the diamonds.
If you’re like myself and have a tolerance like Wiz Khalifa, I have good news for you all… This is what you need in your life and lungs. It was clean, smooth and flavorful. Once my high set in, I realized this had been the potency I had been missing. The body high was incredible and the head change was also just too strong to ignore. You will experience the desire to eat excessively so be ready to raid the fridge. Colors appear more vivid and lively, Music takes you into an alternate universe inside your brain, Everything is enhanced in the best ways possible.

My favorite thing about this wax is the fact that the effects were actually very long-lasting, a rarity I haven’t experienced since I can remember. To be completely honest, there are too many things to love about this particular concentrate. Besides its stunning appearance and its piney flavor, it also has a very satisfying cerebral and body high and feels like it will last for hours. This strain truly did not disappoint. Thank you, Mike, from VerticalBoyz for allowing me the honor of experiencing the amazing effects of the White Tahoe Cookies! If your interested in where you can find this please reach out to Vert Boyz on Instagram or through their website

IG: Verticalboyz

web: theverticalboyz.com

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