Who’s trampling what?

The 9-9-09 Raids
by. Ava Madison
San Diego District Attorney ‘shutting down’
marijuana dispensaries.

California voters approved medical marijuana over 13 years ago with Proposition 215 (the Compassionate Use Act), which intends to protect persons wh https://nugmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/James-Stacey-Federal-Protest.jpg o use marijuana when recommended by a doctor. The initiative, and Health & Safety codes, include protections for people who help those patients get their medicine. So far this year, President Obama, the Supreme Court and the Attorney General have all said that Federal law will NOT override State law.

Here in San Diego, our District Attorney is saying one thing and doing another as she does everything to STOP medical marijuana

(Note: The following excerpts are just that:
excerpts. For the full press release, visit the
District Attorney web-site listed at the end of this article).

First, a multi-jurisdictional task forceincluding Federal agents:
San Diego County District Attorney
Bonnie M. Dumanis, along with United States Attorney Karen Hewitt, DEA’s San Diego Field Office Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge William Sherman, IRS San
Diego Field Office Special Agent-in-Charge Tami Steine, San Diego Sheriff
William Gore, San Diego Police Chief
William Lansdowne, San Diego Narcotics Task Force, San Marcos Mayor Jim Desmond and Vista City Attorney Darrold Pieper
announced today that 14 search warrants were served at 14 marijuana dispensaries and six associated residences in San
Diego, the North County and South Bay.

Then the negative and deragotary insinuations:
The warrants are a result of a four-month undercover investigation and effectively shut down the businesses which were operating under the guise of selling marijuana and marijuana-laced products for medicinal purposes.
Or is it that they were operating under the rights afforded by Proposition 215 and openly advertised as such, including the availibilty of food made with cannabis (for those who’d rather not smoke it) and other marijuana solutions?
“Like most San Diegans, I support the use of legitimate and legal medical marijuana use.”
“However, it appears these so-called ‘marijuana dispensaries’ are nothing more than for- profit storefront drug dealing operations run by drug dealers hiding behind the state’s medical marijuana law,” said DA Dumanis.
For-profit? As non-profit businesses gain excess revenue for their
mission, and cooperatives put their “profit margin” back into their
collective efforts: currency is the means of transacting. At what point did the investigation resolve a matter of “for-profit”?

-drug: cannabis
-dealing: trade
-operation: function
run by drug dealers: cannabis traders
hiding behind the state’s medical marijuana law:
Using Proposition 215 as a right and a defense.

“We have not, and will not prosecute people who are legitimately and legally using medical marijuana. It’s a shame that a few illegal drug dealers are trampling on the compassion shown by voters in passing California’s medical marijuana law,” said DA Dumanis.
Dumanis has promised to fight marijuana legalization “fiercly,” and has never demonstrated compassion towards the medical marijuana
community. She is curenly prosecuting  medical marijuana patients from her ongoing Operation Green RX and Operation Endless Summer.
During the investigation, law enforcement observed some of the dispensaries guarded by armed individuals and a series of security doors.
Who, as we will later see in the press release, will have firearms charges brought against them.
Other citizen complaints cited concerns over the proximity of the dispensaries to schools and areas frequented by children.
Though the alleged “storefronts,” as search warrants and indictments reveal, were members only clubs who were raided only after ‘selling’ to undercover officers with valid doctor’s recommendations! None of the “dispensaries” will be charged with selling to people under 18 years old.
As a result of the search warrants, law enforcement seized marijuana at each location, more than $70,000 in cash and six guns.
Obviously marijuana would be seized, as would cash, in this case a mere average of $5,000 from each location; and six guns would be consistent with businesses who have security interests, not to mention our Constitutional right to bear arms.
So far, 23 people have been arrested during the sweep.
Most of them patients, volunteers, and directors.
More arrests are possible and the investigation is ongoing.
Under the guise of stopping illegal drug dealing operations.
Possible charges include the sale and possession for sale of marijuana, conspiracy and firearms offenses. Those charges carry a maximum of penalty of up to four years in prison.
Charges are used as plea bargain leverage while the DA fights to maintain a 94% conviction rate, tie up our courts, fill up our jails, and ultimately prevent MEDICAL MARIJUANA.

Through strong-arm scare tactics, taxpayers’ dollars, media-use, and placing emotional and financial strains on these “suspects,” the District Attorney’s office, and San Diego governance, is continuing marijuana prohibition, debt and terror, and modern day slavery in San Diego!!

However, the PEOPLE are responding. Following September 9th’s raids, protests were organized by concerned individuals, who utilized resources to gather over one hundred people in front of the District Attorney’s office. As cameras and newscasters reported, people voiced their opposition to the raids and proven
disregard of medical cannabis and Proposition 215 in San Diego by Law Enforcement. As time goes on and support for medical marijuana
increases, less people will be raided, charged,
and/or convicted.

Stopping medical marijuana clubs means patients are left without safe access to their Doctor’s recommended, alternative medicine. To get their medicine, these otherwise law-abiding persons must resort to the streets where, because of the hostile nature of prohibition, prices are getting higher instead of lower, their safety is endangered, and they are exposed to illegal and deadly drugs.

Here is a list of the clubs that were raided:

San Diego clubs:
Answerdam Rx
Beneficial Care Collective
Green Tree Solutions Clairemont
Hillcrest Compassion Care
Nature’s Rx, San Diego
San Diego Discount Caregivers
Top Quality Collective

North County clubs:
Movement in Action
The Healing Dragon
San Diego Dispensary Services

Beach area clubs:
Pacific Beach Collective
Green Kross Collective
Medicinal Solutions Patient Collective
Total Herbal Care

Visit the following web-sites for more information on the raided clubs, the defendants, and their status in the court system:

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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