Winter Greens Tour: Rebelution w/ Iration and Orgone

Article By: Sandieganliz Photos By: Gio Blitz

If you haven’t heard about Rebelution’s Winter Greens Tour, which started at the House of Blues in San Diego on January 13th & 14th with Iration and Orgone, then you’re missing out! In fact, whoever came up with these collaborations is a genius!

The only word I can think of to describe Rebelution is “mesmerizing”. From their recorded songs to their latest performance, Rebelution takes you on a journey filled with hope, sedation, and meaning. Their reggae promotes relaxation; listen to their irie tunes and soak up their meaningful lyrics.

January 13th started the tour with an all-ages crowd. The show was sold out and all floors at the House of Blues were packed; everyone had to find their place and stay put! In fact, when I scaled the only area to move, it was near the staircase where fans accepted the fact that they wouldn’t see the entire stage; therefore, why not dance, sing along, or watch the TV screen showcase the performance?

Orgone started the night, which I missed; however, I was able to catch their performance the following night at the 21 and up show. They self describe themselves as “funk/soul/afrobeat” music, and yes, that is very much the case. The congas and side percussions are a nice treat; the bass and electric guitarist playing next to each other is an awesome display; and the singer provokes listeners to have a good time. I believe they have six albums out with one album being fully instrumental from what I saw at their merchandising booth. The girl in the booth told me the instrumental album takes you on a trip, and I believe it from what I heard that night.

Coming from the Hawaiian Islands and playing island-infused reggae with hints of rock, Iration keeps the crowd smiling and swaying. It seemed as though there were more Iration fans at the 21 and up show judging from the applause when the band hit the stage. That’s not to say that the all-ages show didn’t enjoy or support them as much, but if more people showed up specifically for Rebelution, I’m sure Iration got some new, young fans that night too. Popular songs like “Electricity”, “Falling”, and “Time Bomb” received enormous cheers from both audiences. “Summer Nights” was a mega hit too! It was nice seeing two singers take the stage for different songs: one performed by Micah Pueschal and the other by Kai Rediske. I enjoyed the long set they played and how they changed their playlist for each show. My favorite songs performed were “Cookie Jar”, “Let Me Inside”, and “Turn Around”.

The headliners came onstage after some plants and a portrait of the Lion of Judah were set. The crowd roared! People went crazy with excitement from the moment Rebelution played until they left the stage. I saw so many people singing and dancing to their songs, and I couldn’t blame them; Rebelution puts on one hell of an irie show and their lyrics are extremely uplifting! Their manager was right; this band needs no review because they have a tremendous amount of fans that not only follow their music, but feel it. Both guys and girls of every age were singing along, couples were dancing throughout the entire performance, and all eyes stayed on the band. Another plus, no mosh-piting! People just want to stand, move, sing and listen.

Rebelution’s music is different from other California reggae. It’s more melodic with its high blend of keyboards, electric guitar, and bass; and combined with great vocals and lyrics, Rebelution is extremely unique. It’s about embracing change, getting over life’s speed-bumps, and maintaining an open mind. Great songs like “Outta Control”, “Change the System”, and “Bright Side of Life” demonstrate this style.

As for their live performance, Rebelution influences the crowd. They definitely take fans on a journey, and for the most part, they play their songs flawlessly. They also know how to handle minor setbacks as well; for instance, they had a sound check problem at the beginning of a performance, and front man Eric Rachmany played it off well, even re-directing the guys on the opening song “Green to Black” without stopping the music in play. He incorporated “San Diego” in the show, but not too heavily and even made a joke about the setback later on. He is a great vocalist and showman; actually, the whole band delivers a rich, casual vibe that rubs off on their fans. I personally enjoyed both their performances and rank them as my top choices to listen to over and over again.

The Winter Greens Tour ends in early April with a couple of stops in Los Angeles. I highly recommend catching this tour, especially when they reunite with Iration on April 1st. In fact, get your tickets now while prices are still low because in the coming future, they’ll be hitting bigger venues with pricier tickets—at least that’s what I think.

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