WTF! SD, CA, AZ, CO, España, y todo el mundo! Viva la revolución verde! Support your NUG!

By Dion Markgraaff
World revolution is spinning faster than ever. Evolution of the revolution can be seen in San Diego’s cannabis community. Still, now is the time for more action, organization, and education, something you can do with NUG Magazine.

Technological communication, the bridge over the Babylon fence to cooperation among the peoples of the world, is ending day by day. When I was just flying around the world from Spain, coming back to San Diego, a young law student studying Croat and I got into a long discussion about world politics. Of course, I spoke about cannabis, in addition to my thoughts and experiences on a whole bunch of things. The biggest thing I took away from our conversation was how he already knew about Rick Simpson’s medical cannabis oil cure for cancer and Henry Ford’s 1941 hemp car. Information dissemination is at its height and climbing exponentially. Everyone is benefiting from one degree or another, but the ability to inform people about the truth of the cannabis plant is now greater than any time in our history. San Diego’s NUG Magazine is another shining example of this newly acquired ability.

Time for some (more) action
This new collection of power, which NUG Magazine is a reflection of, means we all have a greater responsibility to further the process of changing the status quo and obtaining true cannabis freedom. In this movement, we must collectively push the “ball” (reality) over the goal line of ignorance. You must increase your quantity of H2O in the bucket on the scales of justice.
A great example of the evolution in the cannabis revolution was the recent victory of citizens organizing to overturn the San Diego City’s ordinance that would have forced all currently operating medical cannabis collectives in the city to close their doors.  Led by Craig Beresh of the California Cannabis Coalition ( and Randy Welty of the Patient Care Association (, these medical cannabis advocates successfully organized and gathered enough signatures (44,106) to force the city to overturn their own ordinance. This great political victory was further confirmed on the front page of the Union Tribune in an article titled, “Mayor not out to shut down medical marijuana shops.”

The UT stated, “San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders will not increase efforts to shutter medical marijuana dispensaries, instead opting to preserve the status quo while collective operators look to forge their own path to legitimacy…..that Sanders has chosen not to engage in the contentious and potentially expensive process of regulating the proliferation of dispensaries should come as no surprise. City planners were not involved in drafting the regulations, which were slated to take effect without the mayor’s signature. The prospect of closing down collectives poses logistic and legal problems at a time when the city is straining to provide basic services. San Diego faces a $40 million deficit in a $1.1 billion operating budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2012.”

However, the war is not over. In my hometown of Oceanside, one of the many battles continues (like in many other cities) as the government keeps fighting their own people’s need for access to their medicine. The North County Collective was just ordered to close because the local government has not bothered to zone for places 15 years after medical cannabis became legal in California…WTF!?!?

Oceanside is a big-time military community where the fraud of the “American Dream” really hits home for me. They send their sons and daughters, mothers and fathers to war with nations – manipulated – fighting for gross economic gain of a few at the cost to everyone (even to the people who believe they are “winning”). For example, the City Council of Oceanside cut 1 of 4 ambulances the same week they decided their citizens (many of whom were injured fighting these false/made-up conflicts over stealing other people’s resources – i.e. oil, minerals, etc.) do not need local safe access to medical cannabis. So, not only do people there have less rights to cannabis, costing everyone more money (plus not making any taxes on the transactions that continue in the dark), but everyone who lives in Oceanside (or visits) has at least a 25% greater chance of not getting medical services and dying. WTF!?!?

We must continue to organize together to fight for our rights to cannabis freedom.

Cycle of economic cents – Support NUG
NUG Magazine is a reflection of our community and an organizer of our economic collective efforts to stop the old ways of anti-cannabis stupidity. Through our advertisers, NUG is able to spread vital information that “floats all boats” by further educating society about the truth in the cannabis plant. Ultimately, however, it is you, the consumer, who is in the driver seat of this money formula. By supporting the people who advertise in this magazine, you are the farmer planting the seeds of change.

For $150, anyone can run a card size (1/8 of a page) ad, which will pay for 20,000 copies of NUG Magazine spread over 400 locations (including most 7-11’s, dispensaries, doctor offices, and other selective places) all over San Diego County. How can people in the cannabis industry (or people who live off the industry, i.e., lawyers, food places, grow shops, etc.) afford NOT to publish their information to their best consumers?

If you are spending your money at any place that does not support NUG, then you should explain to them the importance of contributing to our collective effort. If those same people are not wise enough to realize this, then you should spend your money at some places that do understand this vital equation. Our advertisers pay to make NUG Magazine free.

Think globally, but act locally with NUG Magazine
Because you have helped NUG Magazine be successful here locally in San Diego, we are expanding the NUG revolution into Arizona and Colorado. We will continue our philosophies of promoting all the uses of cannabis and its consumers, as well as local artists and ideas. We need to keep educating others about cannabis for our own collective survival.

The world cannabis revolution is taking over again. The history of human beings using cannabis for so many vital things (i.e. transportation, food, clothing, construction, medicine, etc.) is coming back to dominate society, as it has been since our civilization began. However, we are not there yet and need everyone to do more to fight for our most basic rights.

As I sit here, back in Spain/Espańa, I wonder about the near future. Will the San Diego cannabis community continue to push forward? Or will we suffer foreseen setbacks? Will NUG Magazine continue to be successful in San Diego as well as in Arizona and Colorado? Will we see legalization somewhere in 2012? Will the United States government and the rest of the globe accept that the world is not flat; it is round, meaning cannabis is good?

This depends on the actions of you (the consumer), us (NUG Magazine), and everyone possible (dispensaries, grow shops, banks, food places, other businesses, the government, etc.) working together in a collectively, mutually beneficial relationship to one another to achieve cannabis freedom. Viva la revolución verde – support your NUG!

bringing you that fire!

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