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It is 4:20 here in S.D. and I’m walking into The Green Door Collective to smoke with Yukmouth, one of rap’s smoking legends. He has been in the game for over 17 years and is still producing hits. Yuk’s single “I got five on it” might have been back in the 90s, but this family man has done a ton since then. Let’s light this blunt and hear what Yuk has to say.

Where should we start Yuk?
Since this is NUG Magazine, let’s talk about trees.

Do you prefer sativas, indicas, or hybrids?
Whatever OG Kush is, is it indica?

Yeah, I like the indicas. I like loud, strong weed! It tastes good. I don’t like to smoke for recreation. I like to smoke to get fucked up, you know. Kush is the best on the market to me and I’ve been smoking for a thousand years, like dinosaur eggs and shit.

What’s your favorite way to partake?
Straight blunts man! I’m tryin’ to get into the pipes though; I got asthma and shit.

Yeah, Na Na, not a bong… but I’m gonna start vaporizing; I got a hand held one that killed me.

I hear you’re from Oakland, what was it like growing up there?
Oh yes, East Oakland. I grew up in the projects, 65 Village. It was hard, but I had both sides of life. My father lived in a good area and I was going back and forth between my mom in the projects and my father in Sausalito. I used to go to school with white kids and black kids. I got the best of both worlds.

What have you been up to since “I got five on it”?
Putting out hella albums! We went on tour with Biggie Smalls – (R.I.P Biggie), Puffy, Mary J. Blige, Junior Mafia, and Naughty by Nature. After the Luniz, I got a solo deal with Rap A Lot Records and put out my first solo album, ‘Tugged Out the Albulation’, which was a double album that went gold. After that, I put out a few more albums with Rap A Lot. Then, I left Rap A Lot and started my own label, Smoke A Lot Records. Now, I’m on my own label and here we are. I just dropped my Free at Last solo album, which came out in June, and features: Duffle Bag Boys, Tity Boi, Gutta Gutta from Young Money, Ya Boy the Rock Star and Choppa from Making the Band.

Smoke A Lot Records sounds like something I need to hear more about. Who’s signed under the label?
Faze, for the youngsters. He’s 19 with a new single called ‘Skateboard Faze’. He’s for stoners and skaters.  I also have an artist Kuzzo Fly; he is an O.G. pimp type of rapper. Then there’s my crew, The Regime, which consists of me, Tech9ne, Dru Down…a slew of us all in one crew. I have another group called The Thug Lords, which is me and C-Bo.

You’re a busy man and have plenty going on; do you have anything coming up in the near future?
I just played down here at the San Diego Medical Cup 2010, so more S.D. events are in the near future.

What’s your favorite San Diego collective?
Right now, The Green Door and The Beach Collective. I just smoked out heavy at The Beach Collective. We just smoked a big ass pipe bong, smokin’ wax or somethin’. Shit blew my lungs up. You know I got asthma; I damn near died in there.

Now you’re ROLLIN’ a blunt, SMOKIN’ a blunt, and talking about how trashed you were 5 minutes ago. HA! I love it!
Now, I’m rollin’ up some of the Green Door…this GDK, man!

Yeah buddy! Alright, let’s get serious…who were your main influences growing up?
Basically, my father; he was a musician – R.I.P Dad. He was a bass guitar player and put me in music real young. In the third grade, I played the trumpet; and in sixth grade, I played the snare and bass in a marching band at school. By the eighth grade, I was rapping and into the early influences that made up the rap game like: Run DMC, Curtis Blow, Big Daddy Kane, and people like that besides the Sugar Hill Gang and all the old school shit. When 80s rap came in, that’s what really made me want to rap.

Do your kids follow in your footsteps?
Definitely, my daughter can sing good as shit! Gina, she’s my lil princess. My older son is skating and my youngest is rappin’. He’ll be in the back seat in his baby chair bustin’ raps. It’s definitely in their blood.

Alright, I’ll give you a second to light that blunt, but when you’re done, I want to know what happens out there on tour!!!
Naughty by Nature, Biggie Smalls, and Mary J. Blige, all of us on tour together. Someone got beat up with a big ass gate chain, the shit you use to lock up a gate; then, police came and raided everybody’s room. They blamed the shit on us. Since we didn’t have a padlock or chain, you know they were harassing the wrong people, so that was crazy.

Another crazy one is when we had a hotel room and went across the street to go smoke some trees with Junior Mafia. They burnt down their hotel man, and ran back to our room; the fire department got called and shit. We ended up getting kicked off the tour.

I can already tell you wouldn’t just leave a blunt on fire.
Yeah, I smoke that shit till the end man, but we ended up getting kicked off the tour. We lost a lot of money and weren’t supposed to be home for couple of months, we were only gone for one. But whoever started that fire was getting kicked off the tour, it is what it is.

Okay, give me all the info that Nug readers need to find more Yukmouth.
Go holla’ at the kid at

Thanks Yuk, I had an amazing day here at The Green Door with you and The Green Door crew, let’s blaze real soon. You can find the live interview at:

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