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To advertise with NUG Magazine in print or online,  please contact us at :
for information on monthly or yearly pricing/rates.


Web Ad Specs:

Top Banner: 728 x 90
Side Bar 1: 200 x 200
Side Bar 2: 250 x 250
Article Banner : 468 x 60
Footer Banner: 970 x 90
Side Bar Links: 20 Characters max length
Instagram / facebook / twitter post / review


Print Ad Specs:

FULL PAGE 8.125W X 10H (LIVE AREA 7.75 X 9.25)
7.375W X 4.625H
1/4 PAGE
3.687W X 4.625H
1/8 PAGE
3.687W X 2.303H
16.25W X 10H (LIVE AREA 15.475 X 9.25)


For Advertisers:

click here to download a PSD template of our AD specs
click here for the JPG version

Click HERE to Download our media kit
(PDF Version)

Click HERE to Download our media kit
(ZIP File Version)

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