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Scientists Map Out Effects of DMT on the Brain

An advanced brain imaging study by a team of UK-based scientists shows how dimethyltryptamine (DMT) alters

Nip It In The Bud: The Truth About the ‘Harms’ of Vaped

Recent study Several news outlets have reported on it, claiming that vaped CBD has shown it

Doctor on TikTok Says Be Honest About Smoking Weed Before Anesthesia

on TikTok video In a post on March 10, influencer and doctor Kunal Sood MD said

Study: Cannabis Linked With Higher Quality of Life in Chronic Illness Patients

New study from UK suggests that medical cannabis may lead to improved health-related quality of life

If I Can’t Stop the Munchies, What Can I Eat To Stay

Stone snacking, especially late at night, can prove detrimental over time. I was able to. Today,

Study: Those with History of Cannabis Use Had Shorter Hospital Stays After

Patients undergoing certain major surgeries may have a shorter recovery period if they have a history

Patients Turn to Cannabis for Tinnitus Relief, Study Finds

Tinnitus sufferers commonly seek relief from cannabis use, according to a new study. the study, was