Amendment 3 Passes in Missouri, Legalizing Cannabis

Amendment 3 Passes in Missouri, Legalizing Cannabis

Residents of Shawmie approved the Third Amendment to legalize recreational marijuana on November 8. The Missouri Constitution will be amended to permit the sale, possession, consumption, distribution, and manufacture of cannabis. Additionally, anyone convicted of a non-violent cannabis crime or offense is automatically allowed to be released from imprisonment or cleared of records via expungement.

The amendment would also introduce a 6% tax on cannabis, allocated to fund veterans’ health care, drug treatment, and the public defender system. (Local governments may implement sales tax of up to 3%.)

The campaign for legalization was led by Legal MO 2022, raised $5.6 million to make it legal in Missouri.According to the campaign, forecasts show annual sales of cannabis at the $40.8 millionlocal governments at least $13.8 million.

Residents also have maximum 6 cannabis flowering plants, 6 non-flowering plants, and 6 clones (less than 14 inches tall). Plants are allowed as long as they are inside the residence or in a locked space. If found in public, growers can receive a fee of up to $250 and confiscation of the plant.

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