Chris Webber Launches New Strains With ‘Players Only’

Chris Webber Launches New Strains With ‘Players Only’

NBA Hall of Fame Chris Webber announced the launch of his cannabis brand player only With his business partner Lavetta Willis, Quavo, Raekwon, Royce Da 5’9″, Matt BurnsWhen Jason Williams.

A new all-star brand debuts announced Players Only offers an array of strains, cannabis oil cartridges, pre-rolls, vape, as well as sports recovery and performance products. Players Only also offers branded apparel and footwear.

Last March, TerrAscend secured exclusive retail rights to player-exclusive products in Michigan through its acquisition of Gage Growth Corp, paving the way for the brand to drop.

“Players Only is more than just a cannabis brand, it’s a lifestyle brand,” said Webber. “We truly have a unique opportunity to change the cannabis narrative, empower emerging entrepreneurs and set new standards in this growing industry. We are excited to begin the process of bringing meaningful economic change to our community. Shout out to TerrAscend and Gage and families in Michigan.We love Cookies and Berner so much, let’s go!”

Last October, Webber announced a cannabis facility in Detroit complete with grow facility, pharmacy and consumer lounge. The 180,000-square-foot player-only facility has been named the Weber Wellness Compound.

Initial strains to roll out include C4, Time Out, GOAT’s Milk, and Non-Laters and Whipped Cherries. After that, the brand plans to roll out additional strains such as Blueberry Hotcakes and Ray Jackson’s Black His Socks in the coming weeks. According to reviewers, C4 can give off a hussy appeal like Afghani, while GOAT’s Milk leans more sativa with balanced amounts of THC and CBD. It’s the flavor you’d expect.

Lavetta Willis, co-founder and president of Players Only, said: “The opportunity to bring our legacy lineage and expertise to our Players Only platform and menus furthers our goal of inspiring black entrepreneurs who have been building brands and intellectual property for decades. increase.”

The brand also announced a partnership with Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon, launched Compliments of the Chef, and launched a partnership with Citizen Grown. Another collaboration involves Hassim Robinson and Winner’s Circle Genetics, bringing PB&J strains and his Quavo’s BIRKINZ to the Michigan cannabis market. Detroit’s traditional brand ‘Lil Stupid’ will also be launched on the adult market for the first time, while Detroit’s own Royce da 5’9″ will roll out his ‘Heaven’ brand as part of his NFT. Webber’s former Sacramento forward his Kings teammate Jason Williams will also unveil his chocolate strain White.

Webber recently appointed former NBA star and teammate Matt Barnes as chief collaboration officer, and launched “The Smoke” alongside his partner and co-host Stephen Jackson. The name of the offering is Barnes and Jackson’s award-winning SHOWTIME series “All The Smoke.”

On the “All the Smoke” podcast, “The brash, disrespectful NBA champion offers an authentic, unfiltered perspective on the most divisive topics in and out of the game of basketball: culture, social justice, politics, music, and more.” Offers.”

Episodes of “All the Smoke” air every Thursday.

The brand launch will begin with a limited edition branded collaboration with the Players Only x Packwoods 2.5 Gram Blunt, available in select stores.Learn more at Players Only website.

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