Emerald Cup Harvest Ball 2021 Musical Acts Lineup Announced With Headliner Big Wild

Emerald Cup Harvest Ball 2021 Musical Acts Lineup Announced With Headliner Big Wild

A full spectrum blend of both nostalgia and discovery awaits at Harvest Ball 2021 A two-day celebration of the autumn cannabis harvest and the farmers and craftsmen who put it on the market.The Emerald Cup Harvest Ball also marks the debut of the beginning of the journey to The 18th Emerald Cup Award. Headliners will be featured in the event’s diverse soundtrack Big wild When Trevor hole together Mr. Carmack, HIRIE, Sudan Archive, Dirt Wire, When Dump sta funk upon Saturday, December 11th When Sunday, December 12, 2021 At the Sonoma County Fairground in Santa Rosa, California. The explosive roster also features local and international talent, from chart tops and emerging musical performers to keen comedians. Entertainment interrupted by culturally-driven conversations with the foresights of the cannabis and psychedelic industry. Official Sponsor of the Event — Cookies, Puffco, Humboldt Seed Company, When Complex genetics — We are excited to partner with the Emerald Cup to bring these top talents to the main stage of the first annual Harvest Ball.These actions add to the long list of the past Emerald Cup Award Performances by SantiGold, Rebelution, The Roots, Damian Marley, Michael Franti, Cut Chemist and more.

To win your ticket, text “HARVEST” to 420-420.

“Two years away from most of our community, we’re excited to think about the December Harvest Ball event and tribal gatherings.” Founder says Tim Blake.. “We are helping small farmers by donating free booths. The musical lineup is the best we’ve ever had and we’re preparing for the party. We’ve tightened our footprint so it’s raining. You can go even if it rains. Join us to celebrate with Santa Rosa’s Harvest Ball. “

We are excited to announce a special performance in the following ways:

BIG WILD, Trevor Hall, Mr. Carmack, HIRIE, Sudan Archives, Dirtwire, Dumpstaphunk, Bumpin Uglies, Monophonics, Shook Twins, A Hundred Drums, Sidecar Tommy, SOOHAN, SOL Development, Object Heavy, Free Creatures, DJ Guidance, DJ Rundat and more.

Emerald Cup Session Topic:

“The Hottest Topics in Genetics”; “Sexual Healing: Cannabis Under the Cover”; “A New Wave of Psychedelics Is Here”; “Eat, Drink, Be Cheerful. Food, Beverages, Cannabis Hospitality “;” Creating a True Impact: Empowering Cannabis Social Stock Operators

Industry “;” Hip Hop and War on Drugs “;” Changing Landscape: Securing the Future of Small Farms “;” ECHB Joint Rolling Contest “; Behind the Scenes: Emerald Cup Judging Experience”; “Mushroom Movement: Adaptogen Mushrooms and Crafts” Goods “;” What’s Next for Cannabis Taxes? “;” Rehabilitation of Our Ecosystem: Principles and Practices of Regenerative Agriculture “etc.

More exciting performers and industry foresight will be announced shortly.

Emerald cup harvest ball

Sonoma County Fairground, Santa Rosa, CA

Saturday, December 11, 2021 and Sunday, December 12, 2021

Noon – 8:00 pm PDT (VIP only early entry at 11:00 am; GA entry at 12:00 noon)

The Emerald Cup Harvest Ball has the same welcome grassroots atmosphere as past Emerald Cup Awards events, including:

● Two stages of chart-top music activity

● Detailed “emerald session” expert panel discussion with cultural thinking leaders (coming soon)

● Delicious healthy restaurants, indoor and outdoor consumption lounges

● VIP experience at Flamingo Resort in Santa Rosa

● Our full-spectrum marketplace has fresh autumn cannabis harvests, a wide range of top-notch genetics, an unparalleled heritage and collection of new generation products, and with the people behind the most sought after people. Provides full access to direct interaction-after the California cannabis brand.

TIER 1 “Early Bird” Price:

General admission of $ 110

$ 549 Emerald VIP

$ 699 Super Emerald VIP

* All 2-day pass

$ 1.00 for all tickets sold will be sent to Sweetleaf Collective for a compassionate care visit. www.theemeraldcup.com For more information and ticket purchases. Welcome sponsor:

Cookies-Emerald Level Sponsors of the Emerald Stage

PUFFCO – Grace Pavilion Diamond Level Sponsor

Humboldt Seed Company-Platinum Level Sponsor of Redwood Stage

Complex Genetics-Platinum Level Sponsor of VIP Tent

This event is open to anyone over the age of 18 with a valid photo ID. Authorized cannabis consumption areas must be 21 years of age or older, (or) 18 years of age or older, and require medical marijuana ID and a valid photo ID.

Our information is updated regularly according to local and state guidelines.

We are pleased to provide performers with access to media interviews for selected media opportunities. For access to the Emerald Cup, Emerald Cup 2021 Awards Show, Social Club TV Emerald Cup Channel, or a conversation with founder Tim Blake, please contact:

Kenneth Lou, Chapter 2 At ken@chapter2agency.com

Follow the fun on social media @theemeraldcup And visit www.theemeraldcup.com For programming information.

About the emerald cup:

The Emerald Cup is now the world’s premier virtual cannabis destination and an iconic live event. While advancing the concept of sustainable sun-grown agriculture, the reputation of the 17-year-old organization is firmly solidified as the world’s largest and most respected cannabis competition. As a group, the Emerald Cup is proud to bring together leading cannabis industry leaders to educate and inspire fellow farmers, patients and patrons each year. The community celebration has grown into a global movement honoring the best organic and sun-grown cannabis harvests of the year and the best cannabis products available. The cup stands as a celebration of excellence, and for years its founder Tim Blake has been recognized as the guardian of the ever-changing cannabis industry.

With two decades of dedicated experience, Nuggs is a seasoned cannabis writer and grower. His journey has been a harmonious blend of nurturing cannabis from seed to harvest and crafting insightful content. A true expert, they've honed strain-specific knowledge, cultivation techniques, and industry insights. His passion shines through enlightening articles and thriving gardens, making them a respected figure in both the growing and writing facets of the cannabis world.

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