How the HAF Stick Delivers a Chill, Peaceful High—Without the THC |

How the HAF Stick Delivers a Chill, Peaceful High—Without the THC |

hemp and friends The new HHC Disposable Arc Device, HAF Stick, is a revolutionary device. If you want to take the edge off, relax and feel better while remaining fully functional and present, HAF sticks are for you. This disposable is especially great for those who live in areas where conventional Delta-9 THC is not legal. But even if you’re a die-hard cannabis user, we feel HHC is worth a try for anyone looking to get out of their daily routine.

HAF stick provided

HAF Stick HHC Vape Specifications

The HAF Stick Disposable Vape Pen comes in a secure, discreet packaging, making it perfect for on-the-go use.Unique design born from Hafco’s Innovative vape technology and quality parts. HAF sticks provide up to 5,000 puffs. An integrated rechargeable battery is included to ensure you receive every puff of the entire 1000mg without wasting a puff.

These single-use products are free of heavy metals and additive chemicals, making them one of the safest e-cigarette products on the market. This brand uses the best extraction method to extract pure HHC oil without solvent. Additionally, the vape liquid is made using 100% federally approved industrial hemp that contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. This means that almost anyone can get their hands on this product, regardless of whether cannabis is legal in that state.

This is a genuine and unique vape device. Each disposable offers convenience and portability. No clogging or burning like so many vaping products out there. This device is rechargeable and can be used for a long time.

HAF-Stick is thoroughly tested for quality and efficacy in reputable independent laboratories. Third-party lab results are available for anyone to see. Customers can view the Certificate of Analysis (COA) or use the company’s innovative certification process.

HAF Stick
HAF stick provided

flavors and bundles

HAF sticks combine smooth flavor and potency to bring you the best benefits of cannabis. These are not oil carts filled with harsh oily terpenes. is the highest quality hemp-derived HHC on the market. I don’t mind the harsh aftertaste.

Each HHC disposable comes in four flavors:

sour apple
vanilla cream
lemon bar

Users can choose to purchase a bundle pack of all four flavors containing a total of 4000mg of HHC distillates.

HAF Stick
HAF stick provided

HAFCO brand

By a team of visionary engineers, hemp and friends (HAFCO) prides itself on combining science and artistry to create amazing products. The team spends countless hours perfecting the product with the goal of customer satisfaction. Hafco offers a wide range of products including gummies, tinctures, cartridges and disposables.

Founded in 2021, the brand already has a great reputation and is becoming a household name among cannabis enthusiasts. Hafco We always produce high quality products. With a growing consumer base, the brand is poised to become a major player in the cannabis industry.

What is HHC?

HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, is a little-known cannabinoid that is just beginning to take off. Because HHC is derived from hemp, it is allowed by federal law under the 2018 Farm Bill. This allows access to anyone over the age of 21. Like Delta-8 THC, HHC can cause psychoactive effects even though it is derived from legal cannabis instead of cannabis. It’s a distinct cannabinoid that’s different from THC, but it has a very similar molecular structure to THC, so you can get many of the same effects.

Like other cannabinoids, HHC affects the mind and body by binding to endocannabinoid receptors. HHC in general he offers a milder height than THC. Yet it is uplifting, euphoric, soothing sore muscles, and calming and calming. Some people report that it has a relaxing and sedative effect, while others say it boosts energy and clears the mind.

There are only a handful of companies currently making HHC products, so it can be difficult to find in your local store.

What People Have to Say About HHC Vape

Hafco HHC disposables are very popular in the cannabinoid enthusiast community and you can find many positive reviews on the brand’s website. discovered.

Burl C. says: I love the peaceful and easy feeling I get from these. Best high I’ve had in a long time. I am a very satisfied customer…very fast delivery.

Misty C. says: I received vanilla and grape. Lemon bars are also in preparation! I enjoy hitting this all day long! I puff about 4-5 times every hour and this makes me feel so good! These are very uplifting, happy and calm and very euphoric . Vanilla flavor is pretty good! Tastes like custard to me. This will be my daily driver for medicinal use during the day!! Thanks hemp and friends!

Other customers, like Curtis H., are pleasantly surprised by the taste. Definitely going to try all the flavors now. Another customer, Niles, wrote: I smoke cannabis but the oil is always difficult to inhale and makes me cough. “

If you want to try it all, you can get the disposable bundle at a great price.

HAF Stick
HAF stick provided


of Hafco The Disposable HHC Vape is an excellent device for cannabis enthusiasts who want to try HHC. The flavors are delicious and the bonus is that great flavors have great effects.

This disposable is especially great for those who live in areas where conventional Delta-9 THC is not legal. But even if you’re a die-hard cannabis user, we feel that HHC is worth a try for anyone looking to get out of their daily routine. People report feeling more alert and energized when using HHC, so they can enjoy the benefits. If you’re looking to boost your mood, HAFCO HHC Disposables are for you.

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