Illinois Dispensary Workers Strike When It Hurts the Most

Illinois Dispensary Workers Strike When It Hurts the Most

Pharmacy workers in Illinois are fed up with low wages and unfair practices by major pharmacy chains.

3 members of Teamsters Local 777 members rise Chicagoland Clinics, a subsidiary of green thumb industriesquit his job at 4:20 p.m. CT on April 19 to launch an unrestricted Unfair Labor Practices (ULP) strike. It was the largest strike of its kind in the state to date, according to reports on April 19. press release.

“RISE employees are extremely grateful for the support and kind words they have received from fellow Teamsters across the country and the Illinois cannabis community,” said Teamster President Matt McQuade. high times on mail. “We are still on the picket line.”

Courtesy Teamster 777

A local 777 member said the RISE pharmacy demanded workers at the Niles location unbutton the pro-union button while on duty. National Labor Relations Law. chicago tribune report The Teamsters had planned to strike just before the day of the pharmacy’s biggest sales.Strike Arrives as Workers in Multiple States call for a higher minimum wage to cover living expenses.

Jim Grimko, president of Local 777, said, “The company’s request to remove pins from its employees is part of a broader pattern of disrespect for employees.” Refusing to offer wages or provide acceptable severance pay to teamsters.It is long past this company to recognize the people responsible for all of its past success .”

RISE opened 11 clinics throughout Illinois, with a total of 6 clinics in the Chicagoland area. Wagon 9 report Green Thumb Industries, the parent company of RISE Dispensaries, plans to keep its stores open despite the impact of the strike.

“These workers deserve a rich middle-class career and they are willing to fight for it,” said Peter Finn, vice president and head of food processing at Teamsters Western Region International. says Mr. “They aren’t leaving the job alone. I am stepping in.”

Several Illinois pharmacy workers have also spoken out to show their support for better wages that show their true worth.

Reilly Drew, RISE Niles Clinic Patient Care Specialist, said: “People think of moving forward as climbing a ladder, but in this situation, it is important for everyone to move the whole floor up. increase.”

Courtesy Teamster 777

Julie Evans, Patient Care Specialist at RISE Rock Creek Boulevard Clinic in Joliet, said: “I find it very unfair, disrespectful and disrespectful that Niles was forced to remove his badges while other stores were not. , in solidarity with my fellow teamsters.”

Workers described the risks they encountered during the strike.

“I advocate the removal of unsubstantiated, uninformed union buttons intended to reduce representation in stores,” said Brandon Basil, a patient care specialist at the Colorado Street RISE Clinic in Joliet. “We voted to strike in solidarity with our colleagues at RISE.” I will fight to!”

Teamsters Local 777 (founded in 1937) represents workers in various industries in the Chicago area. For more information, website.

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