Indiana Gov. Will Not Be Issuing Pardons for Cannabis Offenses, Favors Expungement

Indiana Gov. Will Not Be Issuing Pardons for Cannabis Offenses, Favors Expungement

Amnesty remains a hot topic even after President Joe Biden announced on October 6 that the federal government would grant amnesty to citizens convicted of cannabis. But Indiana Gov. Holcomb recently said he would not allow simple cannabis convictions.

“The president should work with Congress, not around Congress, to discuss changes to federal law. “Even more so if they are in the market,” Holcomb said. ABC57“Until these federal law changes are in place, we cannot in good conscience give a blanket pardon to all such offenders.”

Holcomb added that his state already provides erasure program“What Indiana has done is be proactive rather than passive and has maintained a clean record since convictions for simple marijuana possession and several lower level crimes. It’s about creating opportunities for people to apply for and receive expungements, and seal their records,” Holcomb said.

But he confirmed that many people who currently have cannabis convictions on record deserve to have the opportunity to have it removed. We agree that it should not be treated as a sentence,” Holcomb added.

At a luncheon on October 12, Holcomb spoke in favor of expungement rather than amnesty. “If you get arrested for simple possession of marijuana and you’ve been clean for years, five years, you can ask for expungement. If it pays for the time, we can move on,” Holcomb said, adding that cannabis should not be in the same schedule category as substances such as heroin and morphine. .”

In December 2021, Holcomb began moving toward Congress, which began in January 2022. Indiana Democratic Party Legalization of cannabis for adult use Top priority, Holcomb explained his support for access to healthcare instead. “The law that needs to change is federal law,” Holcomb said. December 2021.

news media WSBT When I asked Indiana legislators about Biden’s recent pardon, many were supportive but leaned toward a federal delay. I think it clarifies that, and whether Indiana wants to set it up at the state level, or waits for the federal government to do it. Rep. Maureen Bauer said“So for us it is still [a] Schedule one drug. And I don’t think Indiana will change its drug legalization until the federal schedule is lifted,” added Senator Mike Bohacek.

Possession of cannabis is a misdemeanor in Indiana as of 2014. Indiana does not currently legalize adult or medical cannabis.according to indiana lawyerthat’s all 94,000 indicted for misdemeanor cannabis possession between 2018 and 2021.

Amnesty alone cannot get people out of prison because many people’s sentences are more complicated. As of Oct. 13, Capt. Mitch Gore of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said he had only one inmate convicted of cannabis possession in the Indianapolis adult detention center. 320 others He was convicted of both possession and other non-marijuana-related charges.

Capt. Steve Stone of the Allen County Sheriff’s Office also confirmed that there aren’t that many people who can be released right away. We didn’t even arrest you because you were out,” Stone said.

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