Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #41: A Stable & Grounded Collection of Heat

Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #41: A Stable & Grounded Collection of Heat

Welcome back, my friend. Even if the whole world seems to be crumbling around you right now, know that you are not alone. that’s right. Summer is in full swing and temperatures are getting hotter, but it’s not just the weather. Or Hurricane! These are really tough times and we are seeing more OGs struggling right now than ever before across the industry. To make matters worse, opportunists circling overhead wanting to pluck the remaining flesh from your carcass. Things look and feel grim, but remember that it’s always darkest before the dawn. Let’s hope the metaphorical sun rises again soon…we get it. But even if it doesn’t, we adapt. We weren’t born under the sun, and now that we have better cannabis than ever before…it deserves something. Look at the trees and don’t miss the forest!

In the last edition, some dumb lads were outraged by the fact that I used brand marketing to talk about a great brand (what they acknowledged). I won’t go into details, but I’d like to point out again that this is a subjective list of things I like, not an investigative article about each person’s inner life. I’m talking about much more than just weed. And I prioritize people who I think are actually good people in addition to being great at their work. You may not like my choices or why I chose them. Are you okay! We all have the right to have our opinion heard. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but that said, I will continue to write about things that resonate with me. Everything deserves to shine once in a while, and it’s fun to give it a go – you’re more than welcome to do the same! If not, feel free to discuss it in the comments. If you need a shortcut, and for the time being until the platform explodes, it’s much more fun to discuss it on Twitter.Hit me! there is. Without complaining any further, let’s do this:

Courtesy of @Chewberto420

I’ve been putting together a “list to watch” in the background over the past few months, and while it’s not ready to go public yet, that’s where I belong. Parley shout out loud. Nothing I saw was bad, just a new name. I usually like to see a little bit of how brands progress. A brand that just hit my radar earlier this year, Parlay is growing fast and literally every product I’ve seen is better than the one before, flavor, smokability is always good. It has improved and was impressive to watch. But their latest variety, the Mochi Ratti, a cross between London pound cake and Zukittles, is poised to go viral.Released in collaboration with backpack boys, this sweet, terpy smoke offers the best of both parents’ genetics and lingers in your mouth long after you’re done drinking. For his LCG fans beyond LCG, this is a new flavor they’re sure to love.

Photographer: @Ginja.Club

One of the reasons I really fucking snow till (Besides his incredible botanicals) is his seemingly unique ability to ignore current trends and industry bullshit and focus on facts rather than hype. When the market goes one way, Snow chooses the other, usually more thoughtful path. He has proven time and time again that the long, careful road is better than the fast, cheap, sweet gasoline road. Surprisingly, it doesn’t mean breeding as much as hunting, and not only is the latest plant he showed me worth shouting, but the plant itself is actually older than most of us. is. Crossed over 40 years ago and kept alive by cloning, Snowtil ‘The One’ is a cross between a ’71 Kandahar Afghani and a ’76 Highland Thai bred in the early ’80s. , proving that genetics aren’t necessarily better now. Because more great things are coming soon. The One lifts me up to the point where I literally have a hard time keeping my hands on it, standing next to any small batch I’ve ever seen. I tried to turn another joint after the first, but my fingers couldn’t get close enough and I got stuck in dead him mode. While this magic price tops out at about $400 an ounce, the fact that others are charging three times as much for cuts that don’t always get me high is what makes me In our humble opinion, this is the biggest steal in the game at the moment.

Courtesy of Gotti

Arriving hot from New York, Gotti has officially made his way west and right into the cannabis mecca. A number of Cali-grown varieties are making their debut, including Zatti, an adaptation of Z, and Seabiscuit. deep yeast The Zoap x the Y cross that was produced just won first place. Jimi’s LA Transbay Qualifiers and Awards The LympicsGotti proves New York knows its game and is ready to run with big dogs. This sounds like a new brand, but it’s still new. I actually introduced them here a few months ago – if you paid attention (!!) – but Cali’s intro went so well that they’re already 2 quarters, 2 coasts. Won two big prizes?! It looks like the second mention was due. Trust me you’ll want to keep an eye on these guys…

Courtesy of Jelly Wizard

I have to take off my hat a little to shout Maya and jelly For keeping our brother’s name alive as they always have. weed and wagyu beef While Jesse is gone, his brand certainly isn’t. Meatwads (Jessie’s his 15mg gummies manufactured by Wiz) have long been unpopular. I personally have impressed many of my friends with its delicious and varied flavors and knockout punch. But what about the new facelift? Drawing from his living room, or his main scene from the cult classic Aqua Teen Hunger Force (which both the product and this list are named in honor of), this illustration is literally framed in a bag. Capturing Jess to fit in. It’s perfect. I also want to mention that Maya keeps her game of banana pudding. These are not medicated, but they are effective and are available regularly. archie is in noho. Tap if you’re in town. weed and wagyu beef eternally.

Courtesy of Foods Flowers

i’ve heard great things fu flower It’s a little late, but this is one of the few New York brands that consistently gets good reviews from friends, but that doesn’t usually happen. We are picky people. Having said that, Holmes’ companions senior empire We had some Lemon Ace and ZaZul from Fu and both were absolutely top notch. These two varieties, he said, offer nearly opposite ends of the fruit spectrum, but both were deliciously smoked and intensely flavored, so I have nothing but good things to say about them both. If I had to pick just one, I’d probably lean a little towards ZaZul, but given that this is a true low-volume production out of New York, I have to say I’m impressed. yeah.

Courtesy of Scumbags

If you think people with comic bags are disgusting, consider this a warning. I think my head will explode. embroiled in fierce controversy you bastard They embraced the idea of ​​using sex to sell at the highest possible level by dropping bags that literally contained porn adorning their very high-end chronic products. As you know, the brand has partnered with some real adult entertainers to produce their videos. But not only that, they also told their fans, goat global This weekend’s event will feature Kazumi, an adult star who has made notoriety on various platforms. I don’t want to reveal too much, but I can safely say that this event is likely to be the craziest cannabis event ever. So, after all, a pharmacy is strictly an adult-only place, right? Anything?

Courtesy of Epiphany

Now another one rises from New York, I’d be negligent if I didn’t shout out the roll I just smoked Enlightenment. With 2 in a pack and weighing in at 2 grams per bar (honestly they look as big as many 8 joints on the market) the features were almost as amazing as the flowers . I don’t mean to over-praise New York on this piece, but this was on par with what I’ve seen here recently. Packed with a great batch of Amarena de Limón, which is now taking the country by storm, it’s no wonder it was a delicious and powerful smoke. In fact, these are some of my favorites in recent memory, and I’d even go so far as to say that they inspired me to delve deeper into both brands and varieties, so I hope this helps you too.also call out to Organi Chipsthey really make a big difference!

Courtesy of Phases

As I often say in this column, delivering real value to customers today is the most important part of surviving the pain of legalization, whether it’s looking cool or being a celebrity. Much more important than having a co-signer. And I recently found another brand hyper. We focused on what we think you should a sister company of golden stateproducing gorgeous, high-quality buds for the top shelves of retail stores, phase is an effect-focused brand with less emphasis on varietal details, a medium for the same products that for whatever reason may not belong in premium jars. The ‘Happy Mediums’ line is definitely more than a ‘small brand’ to the honor of its name, it is value oriented, but sacrifices nothing when it comes to quality. In fact, I liked some of the varieties I tried in this line better than the big nugs. It seemed to me that these varieties were somehow more flavorful.

provided by mills

If you’re a grower, you might look at this name and immediately think, “Since when did John know anything about nutrients?” This line of thinking is correct (I’m not a grower). And you are right. These companies are historically known as nutritional companies.But I learned in my last transbay that this team (at least AB) are also being cultivated. I’d say this is a proof of concept. Because the work they showed us (which, of course, grew with their product) was amazing.Hashes of Strawberry Zkittles they entered (executed by @hashymelts) qualifier entry was really special, with both a sweet flavor and a surprisingly heavy high note that kept coming back long after I finished drinking. I can’t wait to see what kind of battle they will challenge in the finals.

Photo credit: Phil Emerson

I had no idea what to expect from this. I’ve been to Ayrton before, but it wasn’t very lively. It’s certainly a weed-friendly town, but from the exterior of Main Street, you’d never guess there’s an actual island a short drive away.actually many and last week CGO One of them turned into the out-of-the-way stoner rager we missed. It was a boomin’, especially considering it was a Tuesday and a good hour and a half away from the nearest city. That being said, CGO has embraced hype-worthy brands such as: Zach Woods, Sourways & heady headsI brought in performers like Devin the Dude, B-Legitand water boys, formulating what remains one of my favorite events of the year. Rumors are coming to LA next… pay attention!

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