Kansas Lawmakers Plan To Introduce Medical Cannabis Legalization Bill

Kansas Lawmakers Plan To Introduce Medical Cannabis Legalization Bill

Kansas lawmakers met last week to discuss legalizing medical marijuana, with plans to introduce the bill when Congress reopens next year. Attempts to legalize cannabis for medical purposes follow last year’s attempt to pass a bill in the Kansas House of Representatives but fail to gain approval from the state Senate.

At a meeting of the 2022 Special Committee on Medical Marijuana last week, the chairman of the committee, Republican Senator Rob Olson, plans to introduce a bill to legalize medical marijuana at the beginning of Congress in January. said it is.

“I think what I am going to do is welcome any member and use this information to create a bill.” olson said At the December 9 committee meeting. at the beginning of the session. ”

Olson also encouraged fellow state legislators to introduce similar legislation so they can discuss it when they return to the state capital next year. The Kansas Legislature is currently on recess and will resume on January 9, 2023.

“I think that’s probably the best way to go,” says Olson.

Community members have expressed their opinions about medical pots

Members of the community, including groups of people opposed to legalizing medical marijuana, attended the committee meeting. A student who attended a committee meeting as part of a school assignment told members of the special legislative committee that he supports legalizing the medical use of cannabis.

“Many people who smoke marijuana are very productive members of society and feel that they are actually functioning well because of it. “That’s what really matters,” Cunningham said.

During the meeting, committee members received summaries of topics related to the legalization of medical marijuana. This includes product labeling and packaging, medical cannabis possession restrictions, taxation, and allowing incarcerated individuals access to medical cannabis. Office of Legislative Reform staff Mike Haim outlined the information as part of a presentation to the legislative committee.

“You have visited eight state agencies, received nine or ten research notes from the Legislative Research Division, had more than 60 conference attendees testify in two days before this committee, and had several documents. We looked at the bills that were in effect in the last session,” says Heim. “I mean, we’re inundated with information.”

Kansas Medical Marijuana Bill Failed Last Year

Last year, the Kansas House of Representatives passed Bill 158 to legalize medical marijuana, but the bill was defeated by a Senate committee just weeks later. Another bill to legalize medical use of cannabis, Senate Bill 560, also failed to get approval to proceed to a Senate committee vote. Democratic Senator Cindy Holscher said she hopes the medical marijuana legalization bill will pass the Senate this time around, but reminded her colleagues that Senate leadership did not support the bill. rice field.

“The whole issue was last year, there was a very strong bill that passed the House, but Senate Speaker Ty Masterson didn’t allow it to move forward,” Holscher said. . “So I know there are various parties reaching out to him to remind him how important this is to so many people. So time will tell.” right.”

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