Kentucky Governor Calls on Legislature To Push Medical Pot in 2023

Kentucky Governor Calls on Legislature To Push Medical Pot in 2023

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear recently Press conference It details many of his successful actions from last year. Among these achievements for his administration, Beshear spoke of his move to help patients who want to use medical cannabis. “After the General Assembly again failed to take action, I issued an executive order that would allow certain Kentuckians, such as veterans suffering from PTSD and those suffering from chronic and terminal conditions like cancer, access to medical cannabis. issued. The order will take effect on January 1, 2023.” He said.

After completing the briefing, Beshear was questioned by the press.Al Cross Professor at the University of Kentucky School of Journalism and Media Northern Kentucky Tribuneasked about the lack of convenience for those trying to obtain medical cannabis.

“The executive order will not be convenient for anyone on the medical marijuana front. What it guarantees is that they are not criminals.” Bashir said“And that’s the limit I’m imposing on the executive branch, and the limit other states have put in place when we don’t have full programs of our own. It is very important that we pass.”

Beshear shared that his administration is working to finalize regulations for Delta-8 products. This was recently legalized by a Northern Kentucky Circuit Judge. he also Congress must do its part To assist patients statewide by passing official medical cannabis programs.

“We want our employees to be able to drive closer to home, but we want them not to have to drive to Illinois. That requires legislative action.” Bashir said“The legislature should have done this long ago, so I am the first to admit that the executive order is incomplete, but it is also fluent. We’re just in talks with other states, so whatever we can do can be strengthened.

Besher soon said, “palm card‘ will be issued to law enforcement agencies next week to educate them on what the Executive Order will accomplish. “The palm card for law enforcement is also due to be released by January 4,” Beshear said. “But I was talking to a medical marijuana mother the other day and she said, [the] The executive order is a step they find inspiring and reassurance they won’t be prosecuted, but it’s not the answer. “

according to WHAS11Beshear describes the palm card as a checklist for law enforcement to process, including showing a receipt that includes where the product was purchased.

Recently, supporters from Kentucky Mom of Medical Cannabis When Kentucky NORML Time spent in the Kentucky State Capitol 350 images Percentage of chronically ill patients who benefited from access to medical cannabis. Beshear visited her exhibit on December 28th to meet those supporters. “Many Kentuckians with chronic pain are suffering and seeking relief. We visited Moms for Cannabis wanting what they had to offer,” Beshear wrote. twitter.

Julie Cantwell of Kentucky Moms for Medical Cannabis wants Congress to take action in 2023. WYMT“So many of the people pictured on the walls don’t make it to Frankfort, so we bring people to Frankfort.”

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