Legalization Amendment To Be Added to Missouri Constitution

Legalization Amendment To Be Added to Missouri Constitution

The Missouri Constitution will make a new entry this week with a voter-approved recreational marijuana amendment due to be added on Thursday.

of springfield newsreader report The Third Amendment, approved by Missouri voters in last month’s election, is due to be added to the state constitution this week, but “Missouri residents won’t be affected by much of that legislation until next year. .”

“Recreational marijuana will be available for purchase as early as February. Some non-violent marijuana offenses will be automatically dismissed this week, but this may not be the case in all cases. ” according to news reader.

Missouri voters approved Amendment 3 last month, 53% to 47%.

Preparing for the vote has been shrouded in uncertainty for proponents of the amendment. It wasn’t until August that the Missouri secretary of state confirmed the Third Amendment was eligible for the ballot.

In the summer, there were questions over a petition filed by Legal Missouri 2022, the group behind the amendment.

State law requires a petition containing the signatures of 8% of registered voters in six of Missouri’s eight congressional districts.

State Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft confirmed in August that the Missouri Department of Justice passed the signature threshold with ease.

In a statement at the time, John Payne, campaign manager for Legal Missouri 2022, said, “A statewide coalition of activists, business owners, medical marijuana patients, and advocates for criminal justice reform is working to get to this point. He continues to work tirelessly and deserves all the credit.” “Our campaign volunteers collected over 100,000 signatures in addition to the paid signature collection. , made all the difference.I look forward to engaging with voters statewide in the coming weeks and months.Missourians are ready to end the pointless and costly ban on marijuana. increase.”

But even after the amendment was approved, it was hard to believe it would pass in November. Polls in the weeks leading up to Election Day painted a confusing picture. A survey taken in September found that 48% of Missouri voters supported Amendment 3, 35% opposed it, and another 17% were uncertain.

However, another poll conducted around the same time showed that 43% of respondents supported Amendment 3, 47% opposed it, and 10% were unsure.

But amendments eventually prevailed, with Missouri becoming the latest among a growing number of states to legalize recreational pot use for adults and establish a regulated retail market. is expected to become

of springfield newsreader provided a summary On what the proposed amendment would accomplish: “Remove state prohibitions on the purchase, possession, consumption, use, distribution, manufacture, and sale of marijuana for personal use by adults 21 and older. Requires personal cultivation registration cards Allows persons who have committed certain marijuana-related nonviolent crimes to petition for release from imprisonment or parole and probation and to clear their records Licenses and Certificates Establish a lottery selection process for awarding a lottery ticket Issue licenses evenly distributed to each congressional district Impose a 6% tax on the retail price of marijuana to benefit various programs increase.”

the newspaper said “February 2023 will be the first time recreational marijuana will be available to Missourians 21 and older.”

“Pre-established medical marijuana establishments will be given the opportunity to convert their license to a blanket marijuana establishment license, meaning they can grow or sell both medical and recreational marijuana,” the Department of Health and Human Services said. must begin awarding these conversions by February 6, 2023. news reader report“Apart from medical marijuana facilities that have been converted into blanket marijuana facilities, DHSS must first obtain licenses for at least two blanket marijuana dispensaries in each of the state’s eight congressional districts. Yes, these dispensaries will begin obtaining licenses to sell recreational marijuana on September 4, 2023.”

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