Majority in Maryland Backs Legalization Weeks Before Vote

Majority in Maryland Backs Legalization Weeks Before Vote

Weeks before Maryland voters head to the ballot to decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana, a new Investigation It suggests that the bill is ready to pass.

Washington Post and University of Maryland Poll 73% of voters in the state said they were in favor of legalizing cannabis for adults over the age of 21, and only 23% opposed it. 4% of voters said they had no opinion.

The findings bode well for Question 4 proponents of legalizing adult-use marijuana in Maryland starting July 1, 2023 and establishing a regulated cannabis market in the state.

Maryland is one of several states where voters will decide what to do with recreational pots this November. (Arkansas, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota are others.)

Washington Post and University of Maryland PollAnnounced on Wednesday.

“What stood out for me was the high level of support and the diversity of support. You can see that the majority supports this across parties, regions and almost every characteristic,” he said. said Michael Hammer, director of the Center for Democracy and Civic Participation at the University of Maryland. As quoted by Washington Post“It’s a national trend. People have really changed their minds on this issue over time, and everything is pointing in a more supportive direction.

Washington Post I got it Opinion polls showed the bill was “particularly popular with younger voters, with 87% of voters under 40 supporting legalization.”

“Young voters are the most enthusiastic about legalization. Nearly nine in ten voters under the age of 40 said they supported cannabis legalization, compared with about seven in ten voters between the ages of 40 and 64. people, compared to just over half of voters over the age of 65.” Position report.

moreover, found in a survey “77% of black voters and 70% of white voters agreed with the proposal,” with “strong support from a majority of independents (81%) and registered Democrats (78%), and a minority of registered Republicans. majority (53 percent)”

Lawmakers in Maryland passed a bill earlier this year that would set up a referendum to legalize marijuana.

Question 4 is heavily endorsed by cannabis giant Trulieve, which has several medical marijuana dispensaries in Maryland.

The “Yes on 4” campaign is chaired by former Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman and marijuana advocate Eugene Monroe.

“While legalizing cannabis will stimulate Maryland’s economy and create tens of thousands of high-paying jobs, Maryland residents will benefit from the education, public health, and education funded by the cannabis tax. We can benefit from a significant investment in public safety,” Monroe said in a question last month. 4 The campaign has officially launched.

The “Yes on 4” campaign is bullish about what recreational marijuana means for Maryland’s economy.

“Marijuana legalization is projected to bring in more than $135 million in tax revenue to the state. This figure includes city and county revenues and the amount of money Maryland receives each year to enforce marijuana possession laws. It does not include the savings from the millions of dollars spent.By passing Maryland’s Question 4, local law enforcement will be able to focus their limited resources on fighting violent crime. Of the 10 U.S. counties with the highest arrest rates for marijuana possession, Maryland has three of them.” The campaign says on its website.

This week’s Washington Post University in Maryland isn’t the first survey to suggest Maryland voters are ready to end the cannabis ban.

A Goucher College poll released in March found that 62% of Maryland voters support legalizing cannabis for recreational use, while only 34 oppose it. %was.

The poll also found bipartisan support with 65% for Democrats and independents and 54% for Republicans.

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