Man Who Stabbed Hemp Store Clerk To Face Death Penalty

Man Who Stabbed Hemp Store Clerk To Face Death Penalty

Charles Michael Heywood, 22, is due to appear before a judge on Monday, March 27, and face murder charges after stabbing a woman who worked at a hemp store in North Carolina to death last year.

Margaret Bracey, 42, Exotic Hemp Company When Heywood broke into the store. Security footage shows Heywood asking about the merchandise before pulling out a knife and demanding the cash register be emptied. He then stabbed her multiple times, killing her even though she complied with his demands.

WECT report District Attorney Ben David says North Carolina is seeking the death penalty for a man charged with fatally stabbing a woman who worked at a hemp store last August.WWAY report Superior Court Judge Dawn Leighton ruled in favor of the District Attorney’s Office’s proposal.

“This is particularly heinous, brutal and cruel given the facts and circumstances of what happened to Margaret Bracey that night. It was also an armed robbery mission and was done for financial gain. These are all aggravating factors, and states are empowered to seek the death penalty.Not all first-degree murders qualify for the death penalty, and so-called aggravating circumstances are needed. Based on the facts and circumstances of the case, the case should proceed and Charles Michael Heywood has agreed to be tried for his life. Said Pender County District Attorney Ben David.

The arrest warrant details the circumstances leading up to Bracey’s death.

A Surf City, N.C.-based detective said, “Heywood took cash from the register and attacked Bracey with a knife, stabbing him multiple times.” I have written as grounds for a search warrant. “Bracey was killed as a result of a knife attack by Heywood.”

“Heywood cut his hand during the attack and was seen bleeding from his hand on video,” the warrant continues.

According to the arrest warrant, Heywood took about $750 from the register and put it in his backpack. Then he changed his clothes, disguised himself and left.

The attacker was handed over by his own mother after seeing his face on television.

“[Haywood’s mother] Haywood was taken to the Surf City Police Department where he was interviewed and ultimately arrested for first-degree murder and armed robbery,” court documents state. “during the interview [Haywood’s mother]she advised that Heywood wrapped his shirt around his hand and returned to her residence. [She] He stated that Heywood entered the residence and took a shower. [She] She said she checked on Heywood and found that he had a laceration on his hand and needed medical attention. [She] Haywood said he put the shirt he was wearing on his hand in a garbage bag, and then put the garbage bag in the trash can outside.

While Heywood was in prison, he was denied bail.

A next trial date for this lawsuit has not yet been set. District Attorney Ben David expects jurors to be drawn from residents of Pender County, North Carolina.

“Two of my prosecutors, Jason Smith and Amy White, will actually handle the case when it comes to trial. One of the things I want to stress is that these decisions are not taken lightly: Prosecutors with over 100 years of experience sit around the table with me and the Chief Investigator to review so-called important cases. We are investigating.”

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