Medical Weed Sales Continue To Decline in Arizona

Medical Weed Sales Continue To Decline in Arizona

In Arizona, there is a Grand Canyon-sized gap between medical cannabis and recreational marijuana. While medical marijuana sales continue to decline, adult pot sales are on the rise.

Latest figures released by Arizona Department of Revenue Taxable medical cannabis sales totaled $31.3 million in October, marking the eighth straight month of decline.

Meanwhile, adult-use cannabis sales reached $73.8 million in October, a record for a state recreational cannabis program.

These totals mark a continuation of the trend in the Grand Canyon state dual cannabis market.

Arizona voters legalized medical cannabis in 2010, and sales began two years later. Arizona voters have likewise approved a proposal to legalize recreational cannabis in 2020, with sales he said to begin in January 2021.

Medical cannabis sales have surpassed recreational sales in the first 11 months of 2021.

Adult marijuana sales totaled $70,317,105 in December of that year, while medical marijuana sales for the same month totaled $57,971,859.

Since then, monthly recreational pot sales have exceeded medical sales.

As AZ Miller pointed out This week, “the collapse of health care programs follows a pattern other states have seen, with recreational sales outstripping health care markets following legalization.”

outlet It details various sales trends.

“The state collects a 16% sales tax on recreational sales in addition to the standard sales tax. Medical patients pay about 6% in state sales tax. Local jurisdictions impose a surcharge of approximately 2% on all marijuana sales One-third of the recreational tax collected goes to community colleges and transitional communities 31% for Public Safety — Police, Fire Departments, Fire Districts, First Responders — 25% for Arizona Highway User Revenue Fund, 10% for Judicial Reinvestment Fund, Public Health Services , dedicated to providing counseling, vocational training and other social services for communities adversely and disproportionately affected by the arrest and criminalization of marijuana, years after establishing the medical cannabis market. The medical market continues to bleed both sales and participants following the trend of some states legalizing adult-use cannabis.”

Arizona is one of four states (Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota were the other three) to approve measures to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana by voters in 2020.

The measure, Proposition 207, required the state to “encourage the ownership and operation of marijuana facilities and marijuana testing facilities by individuals in communities unduly affected by previous marijuana law enforcement.” Giving dozens of dispensing licenses to people from communities affected by the war on drugs.

The Arizona Department of Health Services requires these applicants to attend classes to “prepare them for the application process and the challenges of running a marijuana business.” bottom.

According to the department, these classes are led by cannabis industry veterans and include “two days of content and education focused on various aspects of operating an adult marijuana business, including legal requirements, business practices and regulatory compliance.” It was included, not just fundraising, but marketing and strategic growth.”

Classes are currently being held for prospective marijuana dealers in Arizona. social equity class, that is.

It is the provision included in the ballot measure that voters in the state legalized adult recreational pot use last year. The measure, Proposition 207, called on the state to “promote the ownership and operation of marijuana facilities and marijuana testing facilities by individuals in communities unduly affected by previous marijuana law enforcement.”

What it really means: The Arizona Department of Health Services will award 26 dispensing licenses to individuals in communities particularly affected by longstanding anti-pot laws.

by department: “Social Equity license holders must comply with all laws and regulations governing adult marijuana establishment licenses, including obtaining a business license before opening a retail establishment. Licensee shall develop and implement a policy to document how the marijuana facility will benefit one or more communities disproportionately impacted by the enforcement of previous Arizona marijuana laws. must be implemented.”

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