Minnesota Breweries See Benefits From State’s Cannabis Law

Minnesota Breweries See Benefits From State’s Cannabis Law

Minnesota’s new cannabis law has sparked excitement among the state’s craft breweries.

Local news station KARE reported. Industry leaders said, “Indeed, we’re calling for more regulation of THC-infused beverages as part of the Adult Cannabis Bill, and we’re very happy with the bill Governor Waltz signed into law.”

According to the bureau, the new law “establishes firm ground rules for who can manufacture and sell low-dose hemp-derived THC beverages,” and “because the same bill would allow liquor stores to sell these beverages for 100 yen.” , the market for these beverages will also expand.” first time. “

“It’s not every day that we say to our legislators, ‘Can we collect more taxes? Can we have more regulations?’ We wanted to make sure it was done that way,” said Bob Galligan of the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild. told KARE.

“Not everyone realizes how revolutionary the actual low-dose hemp-derived market in Minnesota is.”

The market took off last year after a new law in Minnesota took effect allowing up to 0.3% THC in food and beverages.

The move surprised many state legislators, especially Republicans, who were unaware that marijuana was effectively legal in the state.

A year later, the Minnesota legislature went even further, becoming the 23rd state to legalize recreational cannabis after Waltz signed a bill in May.

“We have long known that banning cannabis is ineffective. By legalizing adult-use cannabis, we will grow our economy, create jobs, and keep Minnesotans safe. We will be regulating the industry for that reason,” Waltz said at the signing ceremony. “Legalizing marijuana use by adults and revoking or recognizing marijuana convictions will strengthen communities. This is the right move for Minnesota.”

Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan Added: “Adult marijuana legalization means keeping our communities safe, promoting justice for Minnesotans, and investing in a strong economic future. By revoking nonviolent cannabis convictions, we are preventing thousands of Minnesotans from returning fully to their jobs, communities, and lives. This is how we create a safer community.”

Like most other legalization laws, Minnesota’s new measures allow adults over the age of 21 to possess and use cannabis, establish a regulatory framework for establishing legal cannabis retail markets, It paves the way for overturning past marijuana-related convictions.

According to KARE, The new law imposes a 10% state tax on cannabis-derived beverages and distinguishes “the difference between cannabis-derived products and products made from marijuana.”

“We recognized hemp as a federally legal product. We brewers cannot sell marijuana products. Justsen says. said to the station. “This bill recognizes what we do uniquely in Minnesota, keeps it alive, and allows many very small breweries like us to step in the door and get out the door. It allowed me to stay.”

Justesen continuation“Seeing consumers love it, want it and buy it, we looked to the reality of COVID-19 and the funding needed to keep our operations running. ‘, Justsen explained. “Minnesota’s legal intake is 5 milligrams, so again, we’re a little conservative with how it starts. Or experiences they may not have had in decades, so we think our way forward is not just to make them happy, but to give them something that makes them happy. I thought.”

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