New York ‘Scrambling’ To Develop Cannabis DUI Test

New York ‘Scrambling’ To Develop Cannabis DUI Test

As New York races to open a new legal recreational marijuana market, state is clear “In the absence of current standards and valid tests, we are rushing to develop methods to measure when drivers are driving under the influence of cannabis.”

according to it Sunday report new york postaccording to which Gov. Kathy Hochul’s administration issued a call for a mechanism to identify weed-plagued drivers.

“With the legalization of adult-use marijuana, there is concern that the incidence of impaired driving after cannabis use will increase,” the New York Department of Health said in its proposal. As quoted by Position.

“It is very important to identify drivers who are disabled by cannabis use..But unlike alcohol, there is currently no evidence-based method to detect impaired driving by cannabis.” the note continued.

The news comes amid budding expectations for the launch of New York’s first regulated adult-use marijuana retailer. according to Position, New York State plans to grant “up to 175 retail licenses to sell marijuana in the coming weeks.”

Hochul said last week that the state plans to launch a new regulated cannabis market by the end of this year.

“By the end of this year, the first 20 clinics are expected to open.” Hochul told the editorial board of Advance Media New York: “And every month or so, twenty more times. It will work and it will succeed.”

The state began accepting applications for adult-use dispensing licenses on August 25, with a September 26 deadline. New York officials say about 500 applications have been submitted, while hundreds of applicants have been denied because they are ineligible.

Initial dispensing licenses are reserved for individuals previously convicted of cannabis-related offenses.

“New York State is making history and launching this kind of approach to the cannabis industry that takes big steps to right the wrongs of the past,” Ho-Chol said in a policy announcement in March. Today, regulations advanced by the Cannabis Control Board prioritize local farmers and entrepreneurs, creating jobs and opportunities in communities that have been marginalized and marginalized. We are proud to be a national model for a safe, equitable and inclusive industry.”

Hochul’s predecessor, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, legalized recreational cannabis in the state when he signed a bill into law in March 2021. Under Cuomo, who resigned as governor last August over allegations of sexual misconduct.

After taking over, Hochul made it a priority to get the program up and running. This is what she touted in her interview with the editorial board last week.

“Talk about the rollout stuck. Nothing happened when I became governor. Nothing. Between the executive and Congress, who will be the Executive Director and Chair of the Cannabis Review Board?” It was closed because there was a dispute over what it was,’ she said. So when I talk to people about being part of this industry, the first thing they say is “thank you”. , because it may wait. So we are moving forward rapidly. ”

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    Taryn J. White , October 11, 2022 @ 10:35 am

    They better find a DUI test for THC that is truly scientifically valid if they are going to prosecute people for driving while high. It is unfair to arrest a driver and have them fightDUIcharges that are wrongful if the THC level at the time of the DUI stop is not legitimately proven by science to be accurate.

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