New York To Start Accepting Dispensary Applications This Month

New York To Start Accepting Dispensary Applications This Month

Cannabis Control Authority of New York Said On Thursday, we will begin accepting applications for adult-use retail licenses later this month.

Future pharmacy owners will be able to submit applications from 25 August. Applications he will close on September 26th.

in the publication On Thursday, the agency told applicants, “New York’s first legal adult-use retail outlet, run by those most affected by the enforcement of the cannabis ban, will be the first to sell adult-use cannabis products in New York. This is a key principle of the state’s Opportunity to Sow the Seed Initiative announced earlier this year.

“Today’s announcement puts legal and licensed cannabis sales in New York State at risk,” Tremaine Wright, chairman of the state’s Cannabis Control Board, said in a statement Thursday. . “With the Seeding Opportunities Initiative, New York affirmed our commitment to ensuring that the first sale is made by those harmed by the ban. We are writing a new playbook for what it will be like and hope that future states will follow our lead.”

The board said prospective applicants must meet the following qualifications to obtain a dispensing license: have a parent, legal guardian, child, spouse, or dependent with a pre-MRTA marijuana-related offense conviction in New York State”; and “have experience in owning and operating a qualifying business.”

“In just two weeks, my team will begin accepting applications for adult retail cannabis outlets. It’s a great step,” said Chris Alexander, Executive Director of the Cannabis Control Authority, on Thursday. “We have tried to make this application as easy as possible for all interested applicants.To fully emphasize that no legal expertise is required to complete this application. You can not.”

New York state last year legalized recreational marijuana for adults. Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law. The state’s first recreational marijuana crop will be planted in the spring, and the first dispensaries are expected to open sometime before the end of the year.

“New York farms have been the backbone of the state’s economy since before the American Revolution, and now New York farms will be the center of one of the most equitable cannabis industries in the country,” New York Governor Kathy Hochul said in April. told to The state has approved the first 50 cultivation licenses. “We are proud to announce the state’s first adult-use cannabis cultivation license. We are proud of the work the Cannabis Administration and the Cannabis Control Board are doing to get adult-use cannabis sales up and running. Please respond as quickly as possible without compromising our mission to uplift the communities and individuals most affected by cannabis prohibition over the past 100 years.”

Since replacing Cuomo, who stepped down last summer over allegations of sexual misconduct, Ho-chul has made launching and running the state’s recreational cannabis market a priority.

Last month, Hochul announced a $5 million grant to support cannabis industry vocational training programs at New York community colleges.

“New York’s new cannabis industry is creating exciting opportunities. , is what makes New York’s workforce a competitive and powerful asset, and we will continue to take concrete steps to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the cannabis industry.”

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