Newest Legalization Effort in Florida Receives $5 Million in Support

Newest Legalization Effort in Florida Receives $5 Million in Support

Smart & Safe Florida’s recently launched legalization campaign has garnered support from medical cannabis companies. Trulieve Grammy-nominated country music group Bellamy BrothersTrulieve donated $5 million to initiatives that could lead to action on the 2024 ballot.

According to Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers, legalization is all about access. “We joined this with a mission to provide access to quality products that are safe and have the right value proposition, giving people control over their medical journey in the original era. “I don’t think it’s going to change here. I mean, expanding access to safe, legal products is what we’re all about, and that’s what we do,” Rivers told a Florida news service. It allows us to continue.”

If passed, the amendment would legalize recreational cannabis use for those 21 and older. This includes “possessing, purchasing, or using marijuana and marijuana accessories for personal non-medical consumption by smoking, ingesting, or otherwise.”

It also changes the state’s current “medical marijuana treatment centers” to “acquire, grow, process, manufacture, sell, and distribute such products and accessories.” We are demanding that these businesses be vertically integrated. That means you have to manage everything from cultivation to retail sales.according to WJCT Newswhich prevents small entrepreneurs from entering the industry.

Finally, even if voters approve the bill, legislators can still participate in shaping regulation. “Any amendment in Florida will have to be very careful about a single subject in this court, so speaking with attorneys, this is very important to keep the focus really on allowing adult use. I know there is a place to allow Congress to formulate policy,” Rivers said.

The move also has the support of the chairman of the Smart & Safe Florida Political Commission and the musicians. David Bellamymusic duo Bellamy BrothersMembers of the country group are from Florida who previously partnered with Trulieve to create a line of cannabis products.

“When we travel through this country, we understand the benefits of being used by adults. As Florida residents, we love the moniker ‘free state’ and Florida is a country where adults can be imprisoned.” We believe that we need to join the millions of Americans who can freely use cannabis without fear of stigma. ‘ said the duo WJCT news by email.

A separate legalization initiative from political committee Sensible Florida, which proposed regulating cannabis like alcohol, was rejected by the Florida Supreme Court in June 2021. Another initiative is also due in April 2021. Rejected.

Despite these hurdles, Rivers believes it has analyzed Trulieve’s attorneys’ attempts to learn from the past. “All initiatives have provided some degree of learning,” says Rivers. “In this initiative, the authors have taken a hard look at and considered the Supreme Court rulings on previous efforts. increase.”

Compared to previous attempts to legalize cannabis in Florida, Rivers believes Trulieve’s strong support for medical cannabis patients will help spread the word about this new initiative. “One of the interesting things here is that there is a medical cannabis market and there are hundreds of thousands of patients in Florida who regularly use medical cannabis. Our ability to have direct communication is a bit unique from a positioning standpoint,” Rivers concluded.

But Rivers says there are many passionate supporters in Florida who are happy to help. “We would be happy to provide an investment, but we believe there are a lot of people who are very passionate about this, and we expect great engagement across the community,” she added.

Proponents like the Bellamy Brothers believe that legalization in Florida is a step toward ending non-violent cannabis convictions. We hear from everyone we talk to that the idea of ​​putting adults in jail and ruining their lives for using cannabis is insane. We are seeing consistent and strong support for our efforts to do so,” wrote The Bellamy Brothers.

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