Police in Peru Seize $20M of Coke Headed for Turkey

Police in Peru Seize $20M of Coke Headed for Turkey

Peruvian law enforcement officials said this week they had seized more than two tons of cocaine destined for Turkey.

Reuters report “On Friday, a drug seizure took place at a warehouse in El Callao, Peru’s largest port, just outside the capital Lima,” it said.

“This was the first incident that we know of, where[the cargo]was in a Peruvian port whose final destination was Turkey. Normally we recognize ports in Belgium, Holland, Spain and France. We do,” said Col. Luis Ángel Bolanos, chief of police in El Callao. As quoted by Reuters.

According to Reuters, police “displayed cocaine affixed to rubber sheets in what appeared to be hundreds of ceramic tiles packed in crates inside a shipping container” at a press conference on Monday.

news service reported “Boranos said the seized cocaine was valued at ‘at least $20 million.'”

“The Andean country seized a record 86.4 tons of drugs and illegal substances last year, 28 tons of which was cocaine hydrochloride, police data shows.” According to Reuters“Peru and neighboring Colombia are the world’s top producers of cocaine and its constituent coca leaves, according to the United Nations. Growing in the Ukayari region, coca leaf yields have almost six-folded in two years, reaching 10,229 hectares (25,276 acres) by 2021.”

last year, White House releases report About cocaine production in South America, including Peru.

“The United States recognizes the Peruvian government’s efforts to reduce coca cultivation and cocaine production. Estimated coca cultivation and cocaine production in Peru have declined but remain high at 84,400 hectares and 785 tonnes respectively. Current levels of coca cultivation underscore the importance of returning to pre-pandemic levels of eradication, while investing in a holistic approach aimed at bringing safety, security and opportunity to rural Peru. We emphasize the importance of that.” the white house said.

“The Biden-Harris administration is committed to continuing to work closely with our South American partners to address the common challenges of drug production, trafficking and use,” said President Biden. As part of our strategy, we will expand access to ongoing care for substance use, track drug traffickers and their interests, and pursue policies that address the root causes of coca’s participation in the illicit economy. growth areas such as poverty, insecurity and lack of access to services.”

Meanwhile, organized crime experts say Turkey “has become a global hub for cocaine trafficking in South America, spurring increased demand for the drug in Eastern Europe and the Persian Gulf.” . Vise reported last year.

“A two-part analysis by investigative organization Insight Crime, released today and last week, found that gangs in Turkey, a country notorious for playing a major role in heroin trafficking between Afghanistan and Europe, are now taking cocaine. They have made it clear that they are very interested in the deal.” ViseIt said Turkey’s increased involvement in the trade came at a time “when South American cocaine producers needed new routes to the east for their products as much of their product was being seized in Western Europe.” .

“Turkish gangs are embracing maritime expertise, declining profits from heroin due to declining wholesale prices, increasing demand for cocaine in undersupplied regions of Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and close ties between Turkish criminals. I was drawn to the cocaine business because of the relationship between the far-right Gray Wolves and the Latin American cartels.” Vise report. “As a result, Turkish traffickers have become major players in supplying South American cocaine to emerging markets in Russia, the Balkans and the new desert cocaine his route from northern Iraq to the Persian Gulf.”

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