Proper Doinks: The Art of the Roll

Proper Doinks: The Art of the Roll

The Iron Lung team is behind it to discover the best way to smoke the world’s best cannabis appropriate behavior I went backwards. Even after rolling up the same selection side by side, cannabis didn’t always reveal the best representation. To clarify why they analyzed the smoking process step by step. Incorporated into the California cannabis scene, Adam Payne and Paul Christmon already had access to incredible cannabis. But was the grind the key to the perfect puff? How to hit a joint to ash? Proper Doinks provides answers to important contemporary cultural questions. It’s how you get to that perfect high.

To tell the story, start with the ending and work backwards. Payne, Cristomon, and I have finished our interview, but Doink, still smoking, sits upright on the table, billowing the smoke upwards like incense. We smoked that peculiar cigarette throughout our 40 minute conversation in a comfortable space. chronic culture At the lounge in San Francisco, I was really surprised. It wasn’t until I turned off voice recording that I realized it was. of the blueprint New strain, chef, it surprised me so’s because we didn’t talk what we were smoking how we’ve been smoking

The difference between a joint and a “doink” is in the amount of weeds.

“A doink is more than an eighth,” Payne explains. “Would you like to roll up more than 1/8th? That’s no good.”

“At more than 5 grams, the ‘d’ starts to contain the ‘th’, which is unthinkable,” says Christomont. “See? You have to put your tongue between your teeth when you say that.”

high times magazineApril 2023

If you want the TL;DR version of this quest to be the best, in proper Doinks philosophy, judging the quality of cannabis flowers all boils down to two categories: flavor and smoothness. When smoking doink, grasp the tip of the glass and give a quick, strong blow, never to ash.

But to judge entries for elite exotic cannabis contests like the one hosted by Green Wolf The Lympicsthese guys don’t just talk about the basics of cannabis appreciation in one dimension.

Among flavors is the assessment of flavor accuracy, or judgment of whether a strain’s odor matches its taste. The Proper Doinks team asks if there are secondary notes within the flavor. Can you taste the flowers or does it just taste like burning? How strong is the flavor?

“Is it a coming-and-going flavor that you have to look for yourself, or can you taste it after 20 minutes?” Payne asks. “It’s like juice? Or is it like thick syrup? Or is it like watered-down juice, like, ‘Oh, it’s there, but you’re not going to get slapped in the face.'”

In terms of smoothness, is the smoke hollow and hollow, with a heavy tar and ash, or is it thick, pleasant and medicinal?

The idea behind Proper Doinks is now consolidated as a select cannabis sales company. good choicea company that sells branded merchandise, including $42 glass rolling tips, could say what is the best cannabis.

The team at Proper Doinks has perfected Roll’s technique for properly judging cannabis.Photo courtesy Sean “Flash” Endruscic

“We realized that we cannot fully say what is the best cannabis until we have identified the best way to consume it as the ‘x’ constant variable,” says Payne. say while crushing delicious pizza in chrome red santa cruz shredder. “Too many user mistakes can prevent flowers from reaching their full potential.”

The idea is that consuming “the exact same thing every time” allows cannabis to be properly evaluated and appreciated.

Payne and Chrismon showed up at Chronic Culture unplanned in the same brand’s black blueprint sweatsuit and Proper Doinks hat, where they met through work at the company’s headquarters in Sacramento. connected cannabis. After developing a close relationship online through Instagram, I learned that they lived about a dozen houses away in Fairfield, about an hour south of Sacramento. By 2018, that proximity and shared interest in smoking elite strains sparked a friendship that allowed them to meet frequently and joint side by side.

“We found the best cannabis in the world and continued in tears of perfecting the art of Doink,” Payne says.

I'll do it
Adam Payne, Photo: Sean “Flash” Endruscic

They believe that Doink is the best way to enjoy the taste of cannabis, and their strategy follows techniques recognized by cigar aficionados. Doink smokers don’t draw in the hit too long, which can overheat the cherries and make the smoke taste like char. Smokers should also not inhale the ash. Leaving the ash in will block the heat, and dropping the ash will cause the doink to burn hot, which can affect the taste.

“We don’t ash,” says Cristomont. “It will fall naturally when you’re ready.”

On the road, they may literally put their free hand under the doink to keep the ash from falling to the floor. Doink is also always held downwards.

When they started rolling the same cannabis together and discovered a difference with rolling, they began experimenting with finer, more compacted grinds so that Doink consistently burns slowly. During the interview, Payne carefully picked out stems and uneven sugar leaves while demonstrating the technique of rolling the doink.

A proper drink will always have a glass tip to prevent resinous oils on your lips, Scooby Snacks, and anything else that can make your smoking experience unpleasant. The idea behind the glass tip is that the holes inside create drag, slowing the burning and preventing the cherries from getting too hot and burning the floral terpenes.

To do a proper job, Payne and Cristomon have detailed all the steps that apply to rollups. The battle has begun! short and long joints. thin joints and thick joints. Loose rolls and tight rolls.

“We ran each scenario 10 to 30 times in a row until we had no other choice,” says Payne.

The joint they smoke takes 25 to 30 minutes to turn and burns for at least 30 minutes. How to hit the drink is also important. For the smoke session, I followed their instructions by turning the doink in my hand (so that it burns evenly) and hitting it as if I was blowing smoke o’s (in my mouth before inhaling). strategy to cool the smoke).

“Short, hard blows and small twists. It’s the same with cigars,” Payne says of proper Doinks technique. “I mean, no runs, no long spots, just a perfect burn.”

“Pain” and “Chistomone” focus on the interplay between flowers and taste. The fact that weeds are good and get them high is no surprise. They set up a proper review account on Instagram to share their experiences judging the cannabis they smoke, including a $4,000 worth of Zalympics judging kits that they smoked in over 100 joints over two days in the summer of 2022. Raised.

“When we started trying to find the best cannabis, people started selling us very expensive cannabis. We believe it’s art, so put a price on it, and if you say it’s the best, we’ll pay for it,” said Payne, noting that they’re bristling cannabis feathers. Influence the industry by denouncing stocks that are perceived to be below par. “We started connecting really deep with a lot of consumers by telling the bare truth.”

Christmon refers to himself and his partners as “blue-collar people.” A single father of two girls who previously worked as a bank loan officer, he approaches cannabis from a consumer perspective, living barely on a paycheck but splurges on $450 ounces. He says he represents the consumer.

I'll do it
Paul Christmon, Photo: Sean “Flash” Endruscick

“You can’t take it back. There are no refunds in this industry,” he says. “That’s the reality. You’re going to keep using it until you get your next paycheck, and then hopefully you’ll be able to buy more. When you get to something from that aspect, people resonate with it.” They want to know where to spend their money wisely, so they value integrity.”

One of the most popular topics for enthusiasts online is the controversial topic of white ash. White-headed smokers debate whether white ash indicates quality cannabis. The topic of white ash touches on a widely adopted growing step called “flushing,” in which the grower flushes the nutrients from the plant during his final week or two before harvest, giving only water. The idea behind cannabis white ash is that it occurs when the plant is properly washed, dried and cured. Many in the cannabis culture would argue that white or black ash has nothing to do with quality. In cigar culture, white ash has come to be known as an indication that the tobacco was grown in nutrient-rich soil, although there is debate as to whether this affects flavor. Tobacco also loses nutrients when flowers begin to bloom. Payne believes that hot flushes actually make the smoke worse, not the cause of the white ash. He offers his opinion on the topic of white ash in the same kind of quiet tone you hear when someone talks spooky around a campfire.

“There are good ones, there are great ones, there are excellent ones, and there is only a batch of unicorns. “We usually smoke great cannabis all the time, but once or twice a year we find a batch of great cannabis. or something like that… once you realize all the boxes have been checked, it’s glass perfect, no loss of quality, and the ash happens to be bone white, solid It was a structure, and it’s a very specific type of whiteness and a specific type of structure, a smooth structure, like a sandcastle.”

While the merits of the best way to grow and consume cannabis—the factors that make certain strains better than others—will be endlessly debated, the team at Proper Doinks defends its brand and smoking philosophy. have spent time on it. They developed the standard for finding the world’s best cannabis, and now there’s no stopping it. After all, once you’ve hunted and found a unicorn, there’s no going back.

This article originally appeared in the April 2023 issue of the magazine. High Times magazine.

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